Wednesday, January 07, 2015

OBAMA'S GREATEST HITS: "The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam"

It would appear that some misanthropic misunderstanderers of Islam took those words to heart. The brilliant Mark Steyn explains:

[In my] book After America, I speculate on how future generations will look back on our time from a decade or two hence:

In the Middle East, Islam had always been beyond criticism. It was only natural that, as their numbers grew in Europe, North America and Australia, observant Muslims would seek the same protections in their new lands. But they could not have foreseen how eager Western leaders would be to serve as their enablers. ... As the more cynical Islamic imperialists occasionally reflected, how quickly the supposed defenders of liberal, pluralist, Western values came to sound as if they were competing to be Islam's lead prison bitch.

Among them is the so-called leader of the free world, who stood up before the world at the United Nations and, in service of his Administration's lies over Benghazi, shamefully told the assembled leaders:

The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.

Mission accomplished - at least in Paris. As I wrote two years ago:

The more that U.S. government officials talk about the so-called film "Innocence Of Muslims" (which is actually merely a YouTube trailer) the more they confirm the mob's belief that works of "art" are the proper responsibility of government. Obama and Clinton are currently starring as the Siskel & Ebert of Pakistani TV, giving two thumbs-down to "Innocence Of Muslims" in hopes that it will dissuade local movie-goers from giving two heads-off to consular officials. "The United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video," says Hillary Clinton. "We absolutely reject its content, and message." "We reject the efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others," adds Barack Obama. There follows the official State Department seal of the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad...

Obama and Clinton's two-on-the-aisle act cost $70,000 of taxpayers' money. That may not sound much in the 16 trillion-dollar sinkhole of Washington, but it's a pretty big ad buy in Islamabad, and an improper use of public monies... I fought a long battle for freedom of expression north of the border when the Canadian Islamic Congress attempted to criminalize my writing, and I'm proud to say I played a modest role in getting Parliament to strike down a shameful law and restore a semblance of free speech to a country that should never have lost it. So I know a little about how the Western world is shuffling into a psychological bondage of its own making, and it's no small thing when the First Amendment gets swallowed up by the vacuum of American foreign policy.

Charb, Cabu, Tignous, Georges Wolinski and the others who died today were braver men than the stunted eunuchs who dominate the west's political class. The loss of the freedom to make jokes is not a small one, which is why there is an entire section in my latest book called "Last Laughs". To modify Charb and Charlie Hebdo's recent cover, I'd rather die laughing than live in the cowed, craven serf state the malign alliance of totalitarian Islam and a cowardly western leadership is building for us.

Bookmark Steyn's site and read it daily.

After all, the future must not belong to those who fail to read Steyn.

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jay said...

Does it even need to be said: Can you imagine, in your wildest dreams, if a group of Southern Baptist extremists burned down the offices of an atheist organization, that the president of the United States would declare that these Christians were incited by Bill Maher's anti-Christian movie, and so throwing Bill Maher in jail, and then giving a speech in which he said, "The future does not belong to people who slander Jesus Christ."