Saturday, January 02, 2016

Larwyn’s Linx: Escape From Chicago

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Escape From Chicago: Daniel Greenfield
New York: Muslim convert planned machete attack on New Year’s Eve diners: Creeping
Brownsville Resident Frustrated over Increased Border Activity: KRGV

After Obama, the Deluge: Stuart Schneiderman
2/3 of Hillary Clinton's Senate Bills Involved Renaming Things: Daniel Greenfield
What Obama's reading about in Hawaii: Murder and aliens: Eliza Collins

Vote for Ted Cruz — because he’s the one your political opponents fear most : Bookworm
Ted Cruz as “Too Conservative to Win” and the Goldwater Talking Point: Erick Erickson
Mike Huckabee’s Selfish Evangelical Campaign: Amanda Carpenter

2016: Into The Fog — Obama, Hillary, Trump, & Space Exploration: Bill Whittle
Congressional Republicans Acted More Like Democrats In 2015: Veronique De Rugy
Real Feminists Support Bernie Sanders: R.S. McCain


All You Americans Are Fired!: Jessica Garrison, etc.
DOJ grants $63 million for "social justice" program backed by Bill Ayers: Danette Clark
As predicted, New York managed to lose huge amounts of sin tax money: Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

Boom! Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Explodes: More Than 1200 Deemed Classified: RWN
Valerie Jarrett: Unleashed and Unhinged: DC Whispers
New ‘secret’ message among Clinton’s emails as classification rate spikes again: Stephen Dinan


Top Conservative Books of 2015: Edmund Kozak
Ted Cruz Appears on Fox News NYE Special to Usher in 2016 By Blasting Obama and Clinton: Oliver Darcy
Donald J Trump – The American Return to Greatness…: Treehouse

Marco Rubio Campaign Donor Behind Anti-Trump Sky Writing At Rose Bowl: Matthew Boyle
Fighting Jihad in a Politically Correct Comic Book World: Daniel Greenfield
Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined: Craig Biddle (2012)


Obama delays new sanctions on Iran with no explanation – report: MFS-TON
Unbelievable: Erdogan Just Said That His Caliphate Will Mimmic Hitler’s Nazi Germany: Walid Shoebat
Israeli Arab believed to be gunman who went on Tel Aviv shooting rampage: JPost

Sweden Throws in the Towel as Europe Faces 'General, Permanent Terror Threat': Michael Walsh
Antisemitism Hits New High In Turkey: Threats, Expressions Of Admiration For Hitler, Camps: MEMRI
The Myth of Russia’s Containment: Kirk Bennett

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Raymond Wang: How germs travel on planes -- and how we can stop them: TED
Tesla Model S Bursts Into Flames, Burns To A Crisp While Charging: AwakenedWire
Neuron Imaging Of Worms Provides Neuroscience Insights: Mary Walsh


Trumping Hillary: MOTUS
Crazed Oklahoma man freaks out town with tattooed swastika face and devil costume: NYDN
Q. Why Are There No Muslim Terrorists in Japan?: Steve Sailer

Image: How close are Huma and Hillary?
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "Authorities have arrested an accused ISIS supporter who allegedly planned to commit an armed attack at a bar in Rochester on New Year's Eve on behalf of the terror group, officials said Thursday... Emanuel Lutchman, 25, of Rochester, has been charged with attempt to provide material support and resources to ISIS...

Lutchman is a self-professed Muslim convert with a criminal history dating back to about 2006 that includes a New York state conviction for second-degree robbery. He served five years for that crime.

Gov. Cuomo said Lutchman allegedly became radicalized while serving time in Attica." --Jonathan Dienst

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"America's Last Selfie"
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by: Barack Obama
Forward by: William Ayers, and Frank Davis.