Thursday, January 28, 2016

EX-FBI OFFICIAL: Hillary Indictment Will Come During the Heat of the General Election

By Christian Datoc

Six months after the FBI began their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, sources believe that an indictment might fall during the “the heat of the general election campaign.”

Former FBI assistant director Ron Hosko told The Hill that he doesn’t “know that there’s any magical cutoff date,” and that the protracted length of the probe is not unusual for such investigations.

Furthermore, University of New Hampshire political science professor Andrew Smith notes that the drawn-out investigation does not indicate a lack of a case against the former secretary of state.

“It does give pause to Democrats who are concerned that there may be another shoe to drop down the road,” Smith told The Hill.

Hosko’s prediction comes only days after Clinton herself stated that she “never sent or received any material marked classified.”

“This is something that I think is very clear about what happened and I know it will be over and resolved at some point,” Clinton told Chuck Todd on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Its in Democrats interest that it happen during the primary. Imagine it happening during the general with Hillary. Trump win by default because Hillary is indicted and charged? Which make me think its very unlikely that Obama will go after Hillary even if FBI recommend indictment. Obama could rather face the criticism of corruption than going after one of their own because nothing will happen to him. No FBI threat will move him

Anonymous said...

Notice how these missives are always delivered by "Ex" associates, and it never works out that way?