Friday, January 08, 2016

Dumbest Tweet of the Week, Month and/or Year

Earlier today, a Philadelphia police officer was shot a dozen times* by a man wearing Islamic garb, who was screaming Islamic epithets, while claiming he was simply following the dictates of Islamic law. Philadelphia's mayor (a Democrat, no doubt) indicated that he has no idea what the Islamonazi's motive might have been:

In fact, the attack seems to have been ordered by the Islamic State (which has nothing to do with Islam, according to Prezident Obama).

*: The officer, thankfully, is in stable condition. Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Toy Rebel said...

A dangerous fool.

Toy Rebel said...

A dangerous fool.

Sarthruk said...

William, I second that motion

Doug said...

A dangerous tool.

Just as dangerous, or may be even the most destructive element in all this lyin' deceit, is the media clowns who push the lies about islam. I must have heard that tool of a mayor 20 times tonight on the radio spewing diarea of the mouth islam has nothing to do with this.
Ya right, Mohamad was born with a bomb in his diaper. What do you call a blood thirsty muslim with a stolen pistol who runs at a police officer sitting in his squad car firing point blank range to kill him while screaming allahakbar? The fucking tooth fairy? Never mind for 1700 years the psychopaths have been trying to eradicate everything and everyone not a part of islam. Hell, they murder their own kind by the tens of thousands.

I believe fools like this mayor and the press is worse than islam.
And their ilk running our government are flying them in on empty UPS cargo planes retiring to the USA, have buses waiting on the tarmac, before they walk 50 feet they are scurried off into the dark of the night to where no one knows.
WTF is going on?
These idiots behind making this possible must be some kind of human extinction movement to commit such treason against every conceivable concept of rule of law and moral compass.

But, but, 25 guys peacefully occupying a wild life center in the middle of nowhere in Oregon are called armed extremists and the national guard and the FBI arrives in military force.

Yet 2000 blacks rampage, burn, loot and pillage a mall in Kentucky, and never mind not a hint they are committing unadulterated violent racism, not a single one is even detained for committing blatant outright felonies before 60 police officers.
This country is run by homicidal maniacs.

Anonymous said...

"This country is run by homicidal maniacs."

Just spend a few minutes at for proof.

commoncents said...

Video - Suspect in Pa. cop ambush said he acted 'in the name of Islam,' police confirm

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