Saturday, January 30, 2016

Larwyn’s Linx: Grow Up!

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Grow Up!: Thomas Sowell
In Praise of Trump: George Mano
Why I’m Endorsing Ted Cruz For President: John Hawkins

2011: Pentagon Ripped Hillary's "March to War" Against Libya: Jerome R. Corsi
Another Scummy Fundraiser for Hillary: Althouse
No-Trump Debate Ratings Better Than Last With-Trump One: John McCormack

Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right: Tucker Carlson
You Wreckers: The Z Man
In the Iowa Caucuses, Look for Results That Surprise You: Charlie Cook

Welcome to the West! A FAQ For Immigrants: Brian Sack
Sen. Ted Cruz's Immigration-Reduction Report Card: NUSA
Twisted Logic: Feral Irishman

Here’s Why Sleazy Iowa Gov. Branstad Opposes Ted Cruz: Brian Sikma
How Convenient: More Granny Clinton Emails to be Hidden Until After NH Primary: JWF
It’s Official: Put a Fork in Kasich’s Candidacy: Stuart Rothenberg

Scandal Central

White House: Hillary will get away with email scandal, based on what they know: Carmine Sabia
Another Friday night Hillary Email Dump – minus the 22 Top Secret ones: LI
Issa: FBI wants to indict Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin: Joe Newby

Report: DOJ, FBI “SUPER PISSED OFF” at Obama White House Over Clinton Investigation: GWP
Authorities arrest more than 50 members of MS-13 gang in Boston area: Fox
Airplane mechanic reportedly suspected of planting bomb that brought down Russian plane: Fox

Climate & Energy

300 scientists send letter to Congress accusing NOAA of cooking the books on climate change: Rick Moran


Ted Cruz is a Losing, Damn Awful, Vicious, Unlikable, Calculated Person. Because DC Says So.: Erick Erickson
AACONS Interviews Michelle Malkin and Kevin D. Williamson: LI
NBC’s Holt ‘Winced’ at HRC Called ‘Dishonest,’ Worries If She Gets Her ‘Feelings Hurt?’: Brent Baker


Iran Now Flying Drones Directly Over U.S. Navy Vessels As Obama Golfs: Caleb Howe
GITMO: Now a Muslim Resort: Sara Noble
Israel Working With West Africa to Deter The Spread of Islamic State: Ryan Healy

A World Where Muslim Pedophiles Roam Freely: Zumwalt
The Great European Unraveling: Stuart Schneiderman
European far-right, nationalist parties meet in Milan - restore national sovereignty : Colleen Barry

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why does Sweden have more boys than girls?: BBC
Zika: Texas confirms a second case has been found in state: DailyMail
Facebook bows to Obama, banning private gun sales: Douglas Ernst


Tyranny, Defiance, and the Death of LaVoy Finicum: Pro Libertate
Mourning: Christian Mercenary
Even Famous Blondes Can’t Lie to the FBI: MOTUS

Image: Hillary Clinton in damage control over latest email revelation
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President


Bonus QOTD: "[Trump] is another Huey Long. You are either for him or against him. No middle ground. And he will mercilessly attack his enemies, and those he perceives as enemies. Trump is tapping into the anger felt by the middle class, poor and working man – just as Huey Long did in the 1920′s and 1930′s. Washington Insiders, the elite and wealthy, and those who stood in Huey’s way eerily parallels what Trump is doing today. “Every Man A King” is a great fantasy, until totalitarian reality hits you like a brick (or a jackboot). Beware the populist." --'wdmann'

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