Saturday, January 16, 2016

LEVIN: Friendly advice, Donald, and I do mean friendly...

Earlier today, Mark Levin posted a collegial bit of guidance for Donald Trump, who has ratcheted up an increasingly hysterical grab-bag of attacks on his only real competitor for the GOP nomination, Ted Cruz. And said attacks are simply smears like "birtherism", not policy-based differences.

Attorney, author, and radio host Mark R. Levin
Either cut the crap - your accusations this morning that Cruz is Canadian, a criminal, owned by big banks, etc. ("Trump Tees Off: Cruz A ‘Canadian’ Who Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank ‘Owns’") - or you will lose lots and lots of conservatives.

Save the liberal New York City bully tactics for the New York City liberals. Put down your computer keyboard for a few hours, think before you tweet, and collect yourself. You're not politically invincible, regardless of the polls and media.

I am already hearing more and more people getting fed up with the low road you're taking against Cruz, which has obviously intensified this morning.

You don't need to attack his honor or attempt to smear his reputation. You can leave that to Mitch McConnell and the New York Times.

Engage on real and substantive issues that matter to the country. Like I said, my friendly advice.

Trump's increasingly anxious rhetoric is ironic given his troubling shifts in position as the race nears its conclusion.

Remember when Donald Trump supported an assault weapons ban and then lied to AmmoLand about it?

How about when he supported fourth trimester partial-birth abortions, citing his "New York" values?

As for being "owned" by the banks, can you guess whose properties are mortgaged to the hilt and has already declared his businesses bankrupt four times?

Look, I would support Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton because I would support the bag-lady on 34th Street over Hillary Clinton. I would like Mr. Trump's supporters to make the same statement about, say, Mr. Cruz.

That many will not make that pledge, apparently mesmerized by a cult of personality, says volumes about the nature of Mr. Trump's support.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


JeffersonOh said...

Think Donald got where he's at without swapping spit with banks? Cruz rubbed Trumps nose in his Goldman Sachs campaign loan explanation and Donald didn't like it. Mudslinging like this is desperate and juvenile.

Woody said...

And then this happened for Cruz;

Maybe it's why Trump seems to be in panic mode !!

Anonymous said...

Politics ain't bean boyz and if you want someone to take it to the GOPe like I do, you want Trump.

mtnforge said...

Been a faithful reader of your blog a long time now Doug. From about the first posts you put up. I have told more people about your blog and turned them onto you as a honorable news resource than I could count.
Regardless it is your blog and your business to do with it as you see fit.
But I want you to know something, it is important to me, your trying to cram ted cruz down my throat, in a less than honest fashion. Again it is your blog, and I truly appreciate you and what you done, and with it to enlighten me to many truths not available elsewhere.
But somehow it just doesn't seem kosher to me personally how your trying to portray Trump, and the light you are putting him and the pedestal you place Cruz on to dissuade me from voting for him and vote for Cruz. Certainly your liberty to do so, this is your venue. But I'm beginning to feel soiled somehow by it. Like when I go on a statist, Rino or neocon site. Like something isn't quite right.
It is my liberty to not visit your blog nor recommend it to others or provide links because I do not want to do that same thing with the legacy 5th column media because they distort the truth out of context in cunning ways less than honest.
Understand where I am coming from Doug?

Anonymous said...

Dear mtnforge - Yes, Mr. Ross does have the right to support whom he desires and post what he wants here. If you are offended, well then, buh bye - don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

Mr. Ross had made it quite clear for some time that he supports Ted Cruz for President. It has not been a secret and his Larwyn's Lynx has sported the headline in red supporting Ted Cruz for President for months. The truth about Donald Trump is coming out, they are not "portrayals". Donald Trump is a fake and a Clinton/RINO operative to try and crush Ted Cruz. His juvenile antics and blowhard, bloviations are despicable. Trying to turn Cruz's remarks about New York values (which are Liberal Democrat all the way, as Ted was referring to) into a 9/11 pity party to gain sympathy was a low down disgrace. New York acts like 9/11 was "all about them". It was about America, not JUST New York. So, get over yourself. Trump is a monumental jerk who is acting like a spoiled trust fund baby who throws a tantrum when he isn't "winning". He needs to grow up. Ted Cruz is an adult. Donald Trump is a sophomoric bore and the Clintons are counting on big baby Trump to set up the election for Hillary. The RINOs, the RNC and all the beltway buddies called the Uniparty (both R's and D's) would rather have Trump the R nominee because if Cruz wins it, their corrupt little good ol' boys club will be drastically changed and curtailed. They would rather see Hillary elected than conservative Cruz because Cruz refuses to play their dirty D.C. cartel games. Trump is for Trump and has made one of his "deals" with the Clintons and the RINOs. That's where HE is coming from. Wise up.


directorblue said...

Mtnforge, appreciate the comments and support.

I like Trump and would support him for president if he were the nominee. My clear favorite is Cruz. Does he have flaws? Sure. Every human being does.

Trump attacked first, resorting to the birther crap and then claiming Cruz is owned by the banks (pretty funny coming from a guy who owes tens of billions, I'm guessing, to the banksters).

Look, fact is that not too long ago Trump supported an assault weapons ban and a woman's right to have her baby torn limb-from-limb at 40 weeks.

In contrast, Cruz has been a staunch Constitutionalist since his youth.

What does Trump actually stand for? What do we call the Trump movement?

Again, I'd support Trump as my second choice, if only because he pisses off the establishment so much.

But Cruz has always been my favorite, since back when he smashed the Bush machine in the Senate race against Dewhurst.

Best, Doug

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous @ 6:54 PM
I'm sick of the Alinskyite tactics of the Trump bots. They're not much different as the Obama bots.
They deny anyone's right to their own opinion.

Dougie said...

I understand that Doug, that you support Ted, and I respect that. And I respect your choice. Never questioned it. I don't question your choice not to support Trump either.
What I am trying to convey to you, is exemplified in the hatefulness and glee it is expressed in by commenter anonymous above regarding a door hitting me in my ass, or the other anonymous commenter about "Trump bots" denying him his opinion. Are these commencers trolls, agent provocateurs, SJW's employed to sow derision? Sometimes I have no doubts. I know of no one in the sphere of my life that talks like that or makes nasty comments like that to change the narrative. Only cultural marxists do that. And they always seem to come out like vultures when somebody talks about the crux of the truths behind our nations and society's tribulations. It is this hate, which plays right into the trap of those who are are liberty's mortal enemy, has nothing to do with choices for our favorite candidates, but our choices to denigrate, derision, and divisiveness. The source of this comes from the very ones who we hope men like Cruz and Trump can rectify. But we create and commit that denigration and hate on our own, we fall right into that divide and conquer, and nobody but ourselves are making us commit it. Does that not make you go Mmmmm? There is something about it where many of us are whistling past our own graveyards of solidarity and unity and no candidate will rescue us from our own self destructive behavior. All around us there are people who desire greatly to destroy our unique and precious Republic, and they are accomplishing this in the heinous manner of via divide and conquer. It is a tool of destruction used by tyrants and their systems of totalitarianism since time began.
You Doug are getting suckered into helping them. I'm sorry if that seems mean, but it is a trap that is easy to fall into. My comments aren't to point out our faults here of the veracity of our choices of a preferred candidate, it is to have a dialog about as a country our wide ranging absence of unity as people with a common goal, and one candidate or another is never going to redress the course we are on as a nation. What I'm talking about begins with each of us, and from there collectively our spirit and audacity is what changes things for the better.
You as a thought leader Doug, by running this blog of political alternative have put yourself at the forefront of those alternatives to the status quo. Your words carry far more weight than mine. They effect many people, there is power in that, power to effect, for good or bad. Do you have a responsibility as alternative media to be extraordinarily circumspect in your presentation of the news, are you a component of the free press and journalism? I don't know. Everything is in flux. That is up to us now to determine as free people...

Dougie said...

...Cruz and Trump may be honorable men. Can anyone know for certain? Does it matter? Is just voting our way out of this possible? But we each know who we are individually. I know what my honesty and dishonesty's are. I know I'm sick of and fed up with the divide and conquer those running things have created, how they have created every conceivable cultural, societal, economic racial religious and economic divide possible to fracture the fabric and traditions of our great nation. It is cunning and underhanded, and it rubs off on almost everyone in some way. It is insidious.
My comment previously was addressing that with you. Not a choice of candidates. But in your own way, your strident advocacy of Cruz over Trump is beginning to take on a derisive and denigrating character that smacks of the legacy media. And I don't think that is who you are Doug. You have written powerful things without resorting denigration. Even in your most highest level of snark, you avoided that. I feel indebted to you for enlightening me with truths the lapdog media strives to deny me. Do I feel an obligation to point these things out to you at risk of being ridiculed and insulted by others, of insulting you? You bet I do. I have respect for you as my fellow american. I feel I owe you something back.
Hey, that is my personal observation, in the end it is your business what you do.
Me, I want to live in a country where people work together, strive to find common ground, believe in something larger and greater than themselves, hold themselves accountable first. It is one reason why I have appreciated and enjoyed your blog. The alternatives to your blog are a dime a dozen. They ain't worth a second of my time. But honesty in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary thing. Please don't loose that audacity Doug for the sake of political expediency.
It would be a great shame.