Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FLASHBACK AUGUST 2015: "Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump After He Promises To Give Her Power, Relevancy"

Today's report that Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump appears to be somewhat dated.

On August 14th of last year, Kit O'Connell reported that Palin had endorsed Trump "[after he] recently promised to give ... Palin a Cabinet-level position in his administration."

Depending on one’s political perspective, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are either two of the Republican Party’s most outspoken mavericks or outrageous political jokes. Now the divisive pair are teaming up to revive Palin’s career while boosting Trump’s campaign for president.

Until recently, many considered Palin’s political career to be waning in popularity, especially after Fox News ended her contract earlier this year. Jack Mirkinson, writing for Salon, argued that her popularity dropped dramatically after she canceled a proposed 2012 presidential bid. Although she attempted to launch her own Internet TV channel, the website receives “barely measureable” levels of web traffic.

While some may confused by this pairing, Husna Haq, a correspondent for Christian Science Monitor, explained on Tuesday why a Palin-Trump alliance makes political sense:

“For Trump, criticized for his past liberal leanings, the support of Palin, with her unimpeachable conservative credentials, is political gold.

For Palin, who has been out of the spotlight recently – her Fox News contract is over, her recent speech at Iowa’s Freedom Summit was widely panned, and polls indicate most Republicans do not want her to run for president – Trump is a way to regain attention and relevance.”

I can't fault either. Palin's career appears to have tanked and Trump needs to reset in Iowa.

After hearing about Palin's endorsement today, Cruz ripped into the former Alaska governor. Oh, wait, no he didn't.

As an aside, could the contrast between Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz when reacting to setbacks be any more clear?

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


V. said...

Ted Cruz is a class act. I don't think Palin's endorsement of Trump necessarily means he'll win Iowa, and it just might tick off a lot of Conservatives and Tea Party people. I'm still voting for Cruz.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin was solidly in Ted Cruz's corner when he ran for the Senate in Texas. That was when he was already taking the lead over David Dewhurst. When Cruz won, she claimed credit for the win, and Cruz being the gentleman he is, let her do it. She also backed Rick Perry until she stabbed him in the back over his Gardisil E.O. that required insurance companies to cover the treatment in the State of Texas. Perry's E.O. gave parents the right to opt-out but no such choice in Palin's legislation in Alaska that required ALL girls to have the shots, all paid for by the Federal Government in a HHS grant.

Palin has proven herself to be nothing more than a political opportunist who is willing to shove the knife in anyone's back if she thinks it is to her advantage.

Once impressed with Palin, the scales have fallen from most conservative's eyes.

Anonymous said...

NO, Palin did NOT mandate Gardasil in Alaska. Perry DID. DUMB PEOPLE come to this blog starting with the author.

HOW did Palin endorse Trump in August if she just endorsed him tonight? DUH. MORONS.

Anonymous said...

Perry mandated Gardisil in Alaska? WoW! Didn't know that a Texas Governor had that power.

Palin signed the legislation that made Gardisil a requirement for all girls over 16. She could have vetoed it, but she didn't. And all of us get to pay for it via our federal taxes.

When you call someone "dumb" and "moron", you must be looking in the mirror.

Unknown said...

I'm with you V.
I'll vote Republican no matter what, but I'd prefer Cruz.

Joe Mudd said...

Get them all fighting among themselves, now that's a new plan.
Palin will lobby for any real conservative because she is one.
I really like what Cruz says but his wife is a Federal Reserve bank president
and that worries me a lot. ALL this nation problems come from the
Fed Res.

Anonymous said...

Some folks need to listen to and learn from
this golden "oldie"...now updated.

Unknown said...

It just shows you that everything is for sale in America even your values and integrity.