Monday, January 18, 2016

GRAVITAS: Can Mr. Trump’s Supporters Help Me Understand His 24-hour, 180˚ Turnabout Over the Weekend?

After months of complimenting his rival for the GOP nomination, Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump engaged in a weekend of diatribes, insults and name-calling that was truly and spectacularly bizarre:

If you are like most ordinary Americans, you probably spent the weekend watching the NFL playoffs, or spending time with your family, or trying to avoid the freezing cold that gripped most of the country. You know, anything other than watching the Democrats “debate” or the political nonsense on Twitter and the cable shows.

Which is regrettable, because people who were paying attention finally got to see what The Donald is like...

...It all started, as most things do where Trump is concerned, with an unhinged Twitter rant Saturday morning. In it, Trump abandoned his cowardly (but politically wise) tack of saying that he believes Cruz is eligible, it’s just that the evil Democrats are likely to make trouble for Cruz over it. He flat out started calling Cruz a “Natural Born Canadian” and furthermore peddling bizarre (and nonsensical) conspiracy theories...

From there, Trump went to a rally in Myrtle Beach, SC, where he continued this line of attack and was booed by his own supporters...

As a side note, does anyone handle being booed by his audience worse than Trump does?

Things went downhill from there as Trump made the rounds of the Sunday shows. On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous, he made the bizarre claim that he’s “always known” Ted Cruz was a nasty guy, even though he’s had (by his own admission) a public “bromance” with Cruz for seven months...

...This particular rant was especially bizarre for two reasons. First, it was a transparent example of the “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia” historical revisionism favored by totalitarians. Second, it relied for its factual support almost exclusively on the fact that “nobody in Congress likes him.” For a guy who started his campaign by running against the Republican leadership as being “very stupid,” Trump has now exposed himself as being coopted by the very establishment he once railed against.

Not for nothing, but another piece of potentially bad news for Trump this weekend is that news of a meeting between the Trump camp and the GOP donor class that Trump spent two solid months criticizing leaked to the media...

...During the course of his appearance in Myrtle Beach, Trump somehow took credit for the release of the Iranian prisoners, in spite of the fact that he had never even really mentioned them before:

“So I’ve been hitting them hard, and I think I might have had something to do with it,” Trump said at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“You want to know the truth, who’s using it? It’s a part of my staple thing. I mean, I go crazy when I hear about this,” he added.

“They’re in one of the worst prisons in the world, and we had to do something, so I’d always talk about it.”

As ... noted yesterday, this is absolute bovine fecal material. Other than an oblique reference to the Iranian prisoners at the anti-Iran rally he co-hosted with Ted Cruz, Trump has been completely radio silent about the Iranian hostages.

[Ed: @TheLastRefuge2 points out that Trump has mentioned the hostages repeatedly, which is accurate.]

As one of my commenters astutely observed yesterday:

If you do not have reservations about Trump by now when would you expect to have one? Trump's attacks make no sense...

Is there anyone not concerned about Trump's wild swings on policy? I do not contest his skills and abilities, I do question the wisdom of attacking a "fellow" conservative. One must assume Trump exists in a unique sphere of existence that allows no challenges.

And this kind of behavior does bother me. It reminds me of another notoriously thin skinned, bombastic, plaster god, who in his mind is god.

It's not just the bombast; it's the iconography, the vitriol, the constant references to self, and the Alinsky-ite demonization tactics that remind me of a certain SCOAMF.

Okay, maybe we can accept that Trump supported the Clinton assault weapons ban, various gun restrictions, and partial-birth abortions because it was, like, a decade ago.

But I'd like to sincerely ask Mr. Trump's supporters what explains his 24-hour, 180-degree turnabout on Senator Cruz?

How about the intellectual underpinnings that take a man from a friendly detente to suddenly vicious diatribes and ad hominem attacks that address everything but policy differences?

Can't we honestly debate policy?

And is this really the maturity level we expect of a president?

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

Since it is not Trump's job to vet or validate the other candidates' credentials, I would bet that he has been made aware by many of us stating the facts, the multiple citizenships of Cruz (Canada, USA, & Cuban bestowed upon him by his father no matter where he was born as his father did not renounce until 2005) and Rubio who is nothing more than an anchor baby as his parents were not citizens and guess what citizenship was conferred on him? The American people do not want another 'constitutional lawyer' usurper in office as we have that now and how's that working out? And is any coincidence that Obama has recently 'opened negotiations and borders with Cuba'? My bet it is not coincidence and Reince Priebus needs to provide vetting documents for these potential problems. Their birth problems are not their fault but they are not legitimate to rise to POTUS. I wail & wailed Obama & will not stand for it again!

directorblue said...

So, @bobbi, when Trump's lawyers advised him months ago -- as has virtually every Constitutional expert on the planet (see the list here) -- that Cruz was a natural-born citizen, was Trump lying? Deceived?

But the real question is -- can someone please help me understand his 24-hour, 180˚ turnabout over a weekend?

And what's to say Trump doesn't do the exact same thing as president, with a politician, policy, or principle _you_ believe in?

Bobbi85710 said...

Obviously his lawyers are not on the Republican National Committee to review the candidates qualifications. They didn't dig. We The People need to be vigilant and do our due justice!

I believe in the Constitution, I am a Natural Born American, also a DAR. Challenge me for my belief... you should believe in the Constitution.

directorblue said...

Bobbi, my bonafides regarding the Constitution are right here for your review.

Please let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

You are always willfully wrong about Trump. He talks about the hostages in EVERY SINGLE SPEECH FOR A LONG TIME.

Bobbi85710 said...

And would you, now knowing that both Cruz and Rubio are not viable candidates for the office of President of The United States of America, continue to question why Trump has made an immediate turnabout? I would think you would be all over this reveal as you appear to enjoy patriotic homework!

directorblue said...

Because every constitutional expert I know says that a child born to an American parent anywhere in the world is a natural-born citizen (i.e., does not need to be naturalized).

The list is here.

There is no peer-reviewed scholarly article that says otherwise, anywhere, anytime.

If that were true, you could be a female soldier serving in Germany, give birth to a son, and that son would not be eligible to run for president.

That seems very bizarre to me.

Bobbi85710 said...

The US Constitution applies to Americans, Canadian law applies to Canadians and Cuban law applies to Cubans. One must broaden the mind to all pertinent facts, not pick or choose to fit the need, want or like.

btw the rule is "parents" with an S, not a single parent... First Congress Session II, Chapter 4, Page 104 from 1790

Lunarman said...
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Lunarman said...

The sheer level of willful ignorance displayed on citizenship is not just baffling, but irritating. Read this link, then come back and try to spout this nonsense. The link is to the law that was on the books when Cruz was born. It's settled law, but apparently you either haven't bothered to find out for yourself if this is the issue that others are making hay out of. So, educate and think for yourself.

ECM said...

This can't be a serious question, can it?

He wants to win Iowa, obviously, and suck whatever momentum Cruz has out of his campaign--if Cruz can't take Iowa, he's finished, since if he can't win an Evangelical stronghold, he has basically zero chance of a. generating any real momentum, and b. winning anywhere that isn't Evangelical-friendly.

(And based on a number of polls over the last 10-days, it's apparent the "birther" issue has real teeth, based on Cruz' fall *backwards* in Iowa polls, almost across the board.)

Bobbi85710 said...

As a Natural Born American, I have never had to renounce citizenship from another country. This is finite and evidence to any wishful documentation provided. Cruz renounced and now he's trounced.

ECM said...

I would agree w/ Bobbi that the citizenship thing was a bizarre, politically stupid, move. He should have either given it up *years* ago, or he should have just brazened it out--as Bobbi is pointing out, that is blood in the water. All Trump's team really needs to do is run an ad in Iowa saying "up until a few months ago, Ted Cruz was every bit as Canadian as he is American" then run a series of factoids about Canada: socialized medicine; their dollar is on a Zimbabwe track; the liberal party is the "natural party" of Canada; Justin Trudeau basically lying down and taking it from ISIS, etc. One that association is made--and love him or hate him, Trump is good at sticking labels on people--he's finished. (And even if it doesn't kill him, this Canadian thing is going to dog him every bit as badly as Obama's own saga with this sort of thing.)

(I'm not throwing in with the "birthers", this comment merely hits on the fact that Cruz has made some fantastically stupid movies, politically, for someone that's supposed to be the smartest man in DC.)

Lunarman said...

Are you truly this obtuse? I was born in Japan. I didn't even know I had dual citizenship until I enlisted in the military. I was born to a US service member. On the day I was born, I was a natural born citizen. The US doesn't recognize dual citizenship. Maybe you should talk to someone in Consular Affairs at "pick an Embassy". But I think you've convinced anyone who reads your posts already knows you can't be convinced you are dead wrong.

Bobbi85710 said...

And Lunarman... you are not running for President!

Bobbi85710 said...

Fact Maureen O'Hara held dual citizenship with the US and her native Ireland. Again just the facts.

Bobbi85710 said...

Oh and for good measure... if Ted Cruz did not have dual to multiple citizenships why did he renounce one recently?

Lunarman said...

Recognized by Ireland, not by US law. I misspoke, something you will never admit to. The US recognizes.but doesn't endorse dual or even multiple citizenship. The fact remains, Cruz was natural born citizen of the US at the moment of his birth, just as I was and even you. I bet you didn't even read the link. Otherwise you'd stop with these posts on a subject you know nothing about. I'm not engaging a blind idiot like you further.

Bobbi85710 said...

Ah when the facts prevail, the name calling begins. Shameful.

millard fillmore said...

As far as I can tell,Cruz is an American citizen.If he isn't,Obama isn't,so maybe even the democrats will be bright enough to stop pursuing it.Although this may be quite off the wall,I've always thought Trump got into the race on a whim.He goes with his whims,as we've seen with his recent tirades.That it took off was quite possibly a surprise to Donald himself.I think he took a lot of the heat off Cruz,at times making him seem more reasonable and electable by going beyond Cruz's positions.Now I think he's bored with the race.He's either not paying attention to what he's saying,or is looking for a way to bow out,though not exactly gracefully.Nothing could kill his candidacy faster than falling in with the national committee goons,or viciously attacking the most natural V.P. choice among the remaining candidates.Could it be than the attack on Cruz's citizenry is an inoculation against the attacks of a future democrat opponent?I admit it's probably off the wall thinking,but what hasn't been in this campaign?

millard fillmore said...

'Could it be THAT the attack'.Saw it after publishing.

Bobbi85710 said...

I touted Cruz as VP last summer under the Donald, but when he renounced I had to erase him from my varsity team. I would be a hypocrite if I didn't point out his & Rubio's lack of eligibility as I did with Obama. We The People are doing the lamestream media presstitutes' work.

JeremyR said...

Ted Cruz is the son of a Cuban father, and a Naturalized Canadian mother. She renounced her citizenship prior to his birth and became a Canadian citizen. So, since she was no longer a Citizen of the United States, she had no birth right to pass him. She was an American citizen, but so is my wife who was born in Honduras and has not yet become a U.S. citizen. America is a Continent not a country, actually two Continents and an Isthmus. The United states is a nation, and there in lies the problem.

directorblue said...

By that logic, Trump isn't natural-born either. His mother is naturalized Scottish.

The whole discussion is insane.

There is no scholar anywhere who has written in a peer-reviewed journal that the son of an American citizen isn't a natural-born citizen.

Martin said...

It seems to me there are a lot of opinion-colored facts out there regarding Mr. Cruz and his eligibility, since there is no court ruling anyone can point to, to definitively settle the matter. That's why the old Texas liberal's suit is important; it may also ensnare Obama, if the truth be known. His mother, you see, was not old enough, nor had lived in the US long enough, to pass citizenship to him. If the law is applied to THAT factoid, can you say "null and void?"

Meanwhile, this internecene snit really needs to settle down. It's rather like '12, when Paul supporters...and we got Romney out of that, remember?

teapartydoc said...

This all leaves one wondering why, if Trump is so inevitable, his acolytes seem so desperate right now.

Anonymous said...

Sure. Though, I bet you're only feigning innocence/ignorance.

TRUMP HIMSELF SAID that he went negative because the polls were tightening.
Trump wants to win.


Now, go pretend to get the vapors and cry for someone to get your salts.

Ragnar_Danneskjold said...

You are wasting your time. Having watched my wife have this debate every night on an on-line forum she helps moderate, and I mean every night(!), the Trump-ettes do not have the ability to perform rational and/or logical thought.

No mater what is said, whatever the Donald says, his supporters will follow. You can bring up past comments, current comments, positions, people, or anything else official, public or personal. There is always an argument, and the position of the Trumped Up Brigade will always hew to the Donald, and be followed by personal invective.

I am sure I will get hammered just for writing this.

His misogynistic views are ignored by Trump-ettes as misquotes, or old views or "that isn't what he actually meant" or some completely unbelievable definition of obvious implied comments "bleeding out of wherever..."

His New York values are obvious, form his support of Kelo, to his Russert interview from 2007, to pick a tweet that came before his campaign started. He knows it, which is why he hides behind the skirts of 9/11 widows when asked about it.

His positions on immigration are laudable, but everything else betrays his love of big government, crony capitalist (of which he is poster child), mainstream liberal democratic values.

And this is the part that kills me most, no matter which of these is brought up, Trump-ettes will ignore, distract, and divert. My wife is a keen intellect and very good at debating his supporters, and she buries them with evidence every night, and they still believe it.

Cruz is quite simply a natural born citizen. I have never seen evidence that is reliable that his mother is anything but at least a third generation Delawarean (I do ancestry, and went into one of their search engines and found her and traced her family back a couple of generations). However, the Donald has spake the truth to his fellow travelers, therefore, at least for them, it is as if God himself spoke it. There will be nothing you can do to move them off of it, or even understand it. Good question, don't be frustrated by the illogical nature of their response.

JeremyR said...

By my logic, Trump is not natural born Scottish. His mother is a naturalized United States Citizen in the exact same way Ted's mother is a naturalized Canadian.
As it stands right now, It looks like Cruz is a Canadian and only Canadian unless he became a naturalized United States Citizen.
Since he sealed his record, we cannot be sure what he has to hide. Maybe you could enlighten us?
I started this election cycle fully in the Cruz camp. The more I learn though, the less I like, and I'm getting most of that information from his public appearances.
I am beginning to think he is a puppet of the banks in the same way Barry is a puppet of Soros and Buffet.
Have any of your scholars written that the son of a Naturalized Canadian is not a Canadian? he may be an American citizen, but is he a United States Citizen?

supergonzo said...

Gee, if you haven't figured it out by now.... Trump is an idiot. The most insecure man ever.

And I'm a NYC repubican

Anonymous said...

All you guys commenting here haven't figured it out yet.
If voting changed anything those running things would make it illegal.
They already made it impossible for your vote to count for anything but the illusion your vote counts.
Your not voting counts more. Because that is withdrawal of your consent for the con of voting in elections represents your will.
Nether Cruz nor Trump will ever sit in the oval office.
Those running things will never permit it by popular vote.
It is why they are the kind of scum they are and why they are running things to begin with.
The sooner all you you guys come to terms with that the sooner you understand your voting for your savoirs is not the answer.
Fighting over these two guys is the greatest shiny object imaginable.
And your all going to experience serious heartache, and much worse over what happens if you don't wake up.