Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Most Important Sound-Bite of the Day...

...from the talking heads at FNC:

And doesn't that really say it all? The establishment wants Amnesty for illegals. Donald Trump supports "touchback Amnesty" for all 20+ million illegal aliens in the U.S. today (as he and his son have stated here, here and here). Vote accordingly.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


William Teach said...

Of course, in Establishment GOP World "touchback" means "you told us you did, so, here's your citizen card. Written in Spanish, and told to you through a Spanish speaking interpreter, because you don't speak a lick of English."

Junk Science Skeptic said...

English literacy requirements can certainly be worked out, but I'd much rather have Hispanics from this hemisphere with marginal English skills than Middle Easterners with marginal English skills coming into this country.

That said, a "touchback" scenario would be easier than most people imagine.

A significant percentage of Mexican/Central American illegals have been self-deporting annually for several decades. They come here to work for 10-11 months, then head home for the holidays, then back here to work for another season.

Set up the capability to do most of the visa processing between December 1 - February 1, and the bulk of the illegal issue is solved in 2-3 years.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. Desperate.
from the desperate, flailing Cruz camp.

Let's just have the voters SHOW us what THEY think first, shall we?!?

The GOP will manipulate everything in their power
(as they have already to derail Trump).
By March 15, when “winner take all” states
are first allowed in the GOP Primaries,
everyone should *sense* who is going to be the nominee.

Therefore, I ask every voter in such “winner take all” states
to vote for the clear leader at that time to avoid the distribution of votes,
allowing the establishment to throw the nomination
via a “brokered” convention to someone like Rubio or Jeb!

Anonymous said...

The Establishment is for Ted "500% increase in H1B" Cruz. Trump stands with us against H1B. Don't buy the Cruz K-Street flip flop act.