Wednesday, January 27, 2016

HUSHED MONEY: Hillary made millions off secret Wall Street speeches (from which the press was banned)

By Kerry Picket

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton laughed when asked if she would release any of her speech transcripts that she delivered to Goldman Sachs in the past during a town hall Friday in Manchester, New Hampshire, The Intercept reported.

Clinton gleaned over $2 million in less than seven months from speeches to Wall Street banking houses immediately following her departure from the Obama administration, The New York Times reported. For example, GoldenTree Asset Management paid her $275,00 for remarks she made before their clients.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says Clinton is too close to Wall Street to fight the bankers as president. Sanders jabbed Clinton in Iowa over the issue saying, “You got to be really, really, really good to get $250,000 for a speech.”

According to The Times, both Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, amassed more than $125 million combined in speeches since departing the White House 15 years ago.


Clinton defended her paid speeches on Friday to New Hampshire Public Radio, telling the host, “I spoke to a wide array of groups who wanted to hear what I thought about the world coming off of my time as secretary of state,” She added. “I happen to think we need more conversation about what’s going on in the world.”

“I think groups that want to talk and ask questions and hear about that are actually trying to educate themselves because we’re living in a really complicated world.”

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