Monday, January 25, 2016

Larwyn’s Linx: The Trump Tapes, Volume 1

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The Trump Tapes, Volume 1: MB
Hail Caesar!: The Z Man
Can Trump Stay on Cruz Control in Vegas?: Russell Berman

Trump pumped as influential Sen. Chuck Grassley attends front-runner’s rally: S.A. Miller
Black Atlantan Scalds Obama: Trump Represents "Real Hope and Change": Olaf Ekberg
Trump Executive Ambitions Worry Some Conservatives: Fred Lucas

Either Carry a Big Stick—Or Shut Up!: Victor Davis Hanson
America’s Ruling Class vs. All: Politically Short
One Week Out: The Problem With Polling Iowa: Erick Erickson

Had Enough Trump? Part Deux.: Stuart Schneiderman
Trump, Carson, Cruz: Champion Material?: Craig Johnson
Rubio Crushes Clinton in Minnesota: John Hinderaker


Welcome to the Party, Pal!: Derek Hunter
Here are 5 of Bernie Sanders’ Most Ridiculous Ideas: John S. Roberts
How much profit does the average business make?: Elephant

Climate & Energy

Science moves on: Our old light bulbs may yet return: Elephant
Saturday Silliness – wind turbine photo of the year: WUWT
Five Ways We Know Al Gore’s Been Running A Global Warming Racket: Investors


Hillary’s explanation why Wall Street banks paid her all that money is as Clinton as it gets: Doug Powers
This Jake Tapper Interview With Trump Spokesman Is ‘Seriously’ Amazing: Sooper
Chuck Todd's Softball to Hillary on E-Mails: 'Are You Concerned?': Tim Graham

Is Fox News Preparing Proverbial “Kill Shot” Against Trump Campaign?: DC Whispers
This election feels like a reunion of the Woodstock generation: Michael Goodwin
Pic Of The Day: If You’re Will Smith, It’s Hard Being Black In Hollywood: TR

Oh Dear, National Review’s Own Poll Has Trump Smoking the Field: iOTWreport
UK: Watch as ‘Britain First’ activists when they carry crosses into Muslim-controlled areas: BNI
5 Concealed Carriers From Alaska to South Carolina Stop Dangerous Armed Robbers: CPRC


Lawmaker: Obama Admin Fueling ‘Campaign to Destroy Israel’: Adam Kredo
The Terrorist Groups' Interpretation Of The Koranic Verses Regarding Jihad: MEMRI
Secret 1970 agreement between Swiss, PLO revealed: Matt Wanderman

How Immigration Transformed London into an UnBritish City: Brenda Walker
The Water is Getting Warmer for the Frog: Interpreter
ISIS's Barbarity and Leftist Feminists' Callous Heart: Joseph Klein

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Falcon landing and Explosion: Elon Musk
Yahoo Promotes (Another) Fringe Hate Site: CAMERA
Banned by Facebook: 16-Year-old German Girl Pleads for Help From Muslim Immigration: Unveiled


Picture of the Day: Bill Quick
Just Marking Their Territory: Sondrakistan
Trump Solo: Mark Singer, 19 May 1997

Image: How Immigration Transformed London into an UnBritish City
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "Trump is spending his own money on local political operators in Iowa and New Hampshire so he can compete at the street level, but without the massive overhang of the consultancy and their party patrons...

...That’s certainly part of what is unnerving Conservative Inc about the Trump campaign. If this crude rich guy can buy his way into the game and then shove aside the commentariat on his way to the nomination, why will anyone bother catering to them in the future? ...

...The parties will still have a role as the legislative bodies are regulated to the benefit of political parties. As dangerous as Caesarism sounds, the American system allows for the legislature to claw back its authority in hurry if it cares to do it. Maybe the specter of billionaires buying the White House is what’s needed to slap the political parties to their senses and maybe is is what’s needed for the Congress to reassert its role in government." --The Z Man


2ndSecuresTheRest said...

"Conservative, Inc"?!?! I think you mean "Establishment RINO Weasel Inc.", there fixed it for you. There is no evidence of any real conservatism in Washington DC-- outside of Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and maybe 3 or 4 others...less than 25 reps could be found to vote against the last Amnesty bill, so the actual makeup of DC politics is 90% Progressives and less than 10% Conservatives. That the Progressive buffoon Trump gets the support he does just shows the depth of the Crony Capitalist vein in that town. Real Conservatives value the rule and supremacy of Constitutional law- I haven't heard Trump even say that particular C word.

Anonymous said...

Doug, Doug are you OK??? I see a little balance today. The Trump image is a keeper.

Anonymous said...

And as zer0's administration rolls along, people don't pay attention to the scandals within the Scandal. I listened to a part of Kerry's UN speech several days ago and when you brush away the fairy's, the pixie dust, the unicorns, and the rainbows, at the heart of it was a disgraceful, and poorly written speech about hope and learning. That this tripe would be parroted in front of the world is a reproach to the United States, but it is de rigueur now.
And now the Press trots out the latest stories that are told to inflame and sway the ignorant conservative masses as Hitlery sets sail for the WH. Seen her in Black Face with Bill? How about "I want to rule the world" by Long Dong Cruz? And Oh, how about that Trump? You know, Glen Beck hates him; and Barry sez the Conservative platform doesn't make sense. And on it goes as somehow this meaningful discourse sets parameters for November. This is worse that watching sausage being made, it is a mad house, and I for one will vote, but I have tuned every last bit of it out of my life.