Sunday, January 10, 2016

EVIL DECEPTION: Muslims Wearing Yellow Stars

By Daniel Greenfield

Muslim appropriation of Jewish suffering is obnoxious to begin with, but the bizarre habit of Muslims wearing yellow stars has been condemned by even liberal Jewish groups. It's insanely and gratuitously offensive.

Let's start with the simple fact that the yellow star had its origins in a Dhimmi badge imposed on Jews by Muslims as symbols of their inferiority under Muslim rule. Long before Nazism, the use of yellow badges and other yellow distinguishing clothes was imposed on Jews by Muslims over a thousand years ago.

It continued well into the 20th century. Here's an example of the justification given in a letter to the head of the Jewish community in Egypt in 1913.

"He must also see to it that their persons are protected by their being humble and lowly and by their bowing their heads in submissiveness to the followers of the faith of Islam, by their giving way to Muslims in the streets... He must also see to it that they bear the Dhimmi badge which has been ordained for them... He should know that their yellow badge is required so that their red blood will not be spilled..."

This is life for Jews under Islam.

Muslims wearing a yellow badge while claiming to be suffering like Jews is as sick and evil as Nazis wearing a yellow star. It's the ultimate depravity.

Finally, let's consider what the yellow star signifies. The six-pointed star represents the House of David; meaning an independent Jewish state. It's the symbol of the State of Israel. It's the very thing Muslims have been feverishly trying to destroy by every means possible.


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Dougie said...

These sociopaths wearing Nazi yellow stars tells you everything you need to know. Funny how musloids and the cultural marxists all have that signaling thing in common…but then again, they are all the same…members of the human extinction movement be like human extinction movement.

Gonna be a target rich environment pretty soon.
Got Crusades?