Sunday, January 31, 2016

Does ISIS Have Nukes?

By Baron Bodissey

The following video and text don’t supply an answer to that question.

The author of the text (which is in German) is purportedly a former member of the Islamic State who wants to warn the West that ISIS possesses four nuclear devices, and plans to use them against the United States, Russia, France, and Germany. What he says may well be a hoax, or more specifically, deliberately planted disinformation to achieve particular political ends. I can think of several Great Powers who would find it useful to disseminate the fiction that ISIS is ready to use nuclear weapons.

However, it could also be true. If it is, you may be sure that the intelligence services of Russia and the major Western powers are well aware of it. As the ISIS defector points out, the West has moles inside the highest levels of the Caliphate.

Before making this video, Vlad and I discussed the pros and cons of whether we should publish this material. After all, it serves the propaganda interests of the Islamic State to have this sort of thing disseminated. On the other hand, if it turns out to be true, and a mushroom cloud were to light up Berlin or Paris next week, we would have been remiss not to have put the information out.

So here it is, but with a huge CAVEAT: We have no idea whether the information given in this video and text is authentic. Listen to it or read it, and make your own best judgment.

The video and pdf were originally published by Netzplanet, which is also unable to confirm the authenticity of the story.

The text read out in the video and the text of the pdf are the same. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   I am an ex-IS member, and it was the biggest mistake I ever made,
0:05   to let myself be manipulated and to do things I never really wanted to.
0:10   I had to sneak from place to place for weeks.
0:13   Until I made it across the Turkish border.
0:17   I do not ask for forgiveness with this letter,
0:20   I want to bring the truth to the public about this situation that will get worse and worse,
0:24   if nothing is done.
0:28   I also do not want to go to prison for what I have done.
0:34   I am Sallah Abdeslam. I hope that with this letter that you, the press,
0:39   will show the truth in the open, because the people out there need to know the truth,
0:44   and they have a right to it.
0:47   Maybe this will help to prevent the coming war this year.
0:52   Because in the eyes of the Islamic State 2016 will be the official beginning of the Third World War.
0:59   And all will suffer from the consequences.
1:04   The IS is in possession of four nuclear warheads,
1:08   three of the type W25, and one of the type W89.
1:13   I have seen them. One is for the USA, one for Germany,
1:19   one for France, and one for Russia.
1:22   As for the IS numbers:
1:25   There are now more than 135,000 IS members,
1:30   ca. 65,000 are spread in Syria and protect the partially hidden weapons depots,
1:36   fighting on the fronts, and holding certain control points which are strategically important
1:42   for the smuggling of crude oil and the shipping of weapons.
1:47   As for the members in Europe:
1:51   In France there are about 2,800 terror cells of the IS spread
1:55   around the regions of Paris, Courbevoie and Bobigny.
2:00   In England there are about 650 terror cells, because it was a lot harder to enter there.
2:06   The terror cells are in London and Harrow and partially disguised as students.
2:13   In Sweden there are about 1,600 terror cells of the IS, spread in Stockholm,
2:18   Täby, Älta and Solna.
2:21   Germany has the most IS terror cells, a little more than 18,700,
2:29   growing from day to day, and of which 15 are strategists of the IS in
2:34   Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg.
2:37   Even in world culture cities like Hildesheim, Bambert and Lübeck
2:42   attacks will happen, precisely because of their medieval history and structures.
2:48   Lübeck especially is a coveted target for at least six attacks.
2:53   The inner city is planned to be completely taken over, that’s why
2:57   all bridges are targeted to be blown up so that nobody can get in or out anymore.
3:02   The churches are also to be destroyed,
3:06   and that’s where a lot of the sleeper cells of the IS are.
3:09   Nobody expects that a small city such as Lübeck should be the focus of attention.
3:15   These countries are the ones I know of, but I also know of Spain, Italy, Russia, Holland,
3:21   Denmark, Finland and Norway, but not which cities and how many there are.
3:28   I couldn’t look at and photograph the numbers and the cities of these countries anymore.
3:34   The attacks will be executed very rapidly in successive explosions,
3:39   first the bridges, then the churches.
3:42   The weapons and the explosives were smuggled into the various cities months ago.
3:47   Additionally I have information about a man whom the IS calls Shabh, the man in the picture
3:54   Shabh has a bounty set on his head by the Caliph.
3:59   He offers two million dollars for the head of this assassin.
4:04   It appears this man was sent by US intelligence specifically to
4:09   silence certain strategists and leaders.
4:12   Which he has up to now done very well.
4:15   He has killed more than 400 IS members so far.
4:18   Shabh has his own signature and always appears at places where
4:22   there aren’t currently any air strikes.
4:25   Because wherever there are air strikes, the most important strategists and leading persons
4:31   will go and hide in the most secluded places, which he always seems to already know the location of.
4:38   Additionally he has only been seen once, he was recorded on camera
4:43   as he was assassinating an entire group of Al Qaeda terror cells in one house.
4:49   Since then his picture has been distributed everywhere.
4:53   Shabh has caused a huge stir among the IS members,
4:57   because he was the one who executed Mokhtar Belmokhtar with two bullets to the head.
5:03   That was 2013 in Yemen.
5:06   Mokhtar keeps getting resurrected over and over. Why?
5:10   Easy. It is a common practice to film leading persons as much as possible
5:17   before their death, so the enemy can be confused,
5:23   that’s what IS does.
5:26   The public is supposed to be confused by these propaganda videos
5:31   and it leaves the impression that attacks have failed, which will lead
5:35   to an increased fear among the populations. Shabh disappeared in July 2014 and has since not been seen since.
5:41   He seems to have gone underground.
5:44   There are rumors that he has been seen in England, Sweden,
5:47   and Germany where he locates and deactivates terror cells.
5:54   That’s why most members know what he looks like,
5:58   because his picture went through all channels that the IS is using,
6:01   and let’s be honest, two million dollars sounds very tempting and
6:05   it keeps spurring on all the supporters and the Salafists in Europe
6:09   to always keep their eyes open.
6:12   That’s why there are so many reports of sightings of him from Germany,
6:16   that he’s in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Hildesheim and Lübeck,
6:20   that he has been seen multiple times but he cannot be seized.
6:23   Just imagine all the knowledge and information this man possesses
6:28   of various intelligence, about the structures, the safe houses in which
6:35   terror suspects are interrogated and tortured,
6:38   about the means of strategic weapons, strategic points and money resources
6:44   which don’t show up on databases.
6:47   All that could be learned from Shabh if he was kidnapped and tortured.
6:52   And the IS is very good at torturing.
6:56   Whoever gave the Caliph the dossier on Shabh
7:00   has to be a mole in one of the administrations.
7:04   Shabh, as far as I can tell, is a manipulated soldier who has been bred
7:10   and pumped full with drugs and mind control, and he’s not even an American.
7:18   Which is something that perfectly suits the Americans, so they can deny it.
7:24   I have sent you a PDF file on which I have photographed certain
7:29   documents and pictures.
7:33   Maybe you can save Shabh, because in my eyes he has not committed murder,
7:37   but he has sent to hell some of the worst people that I have ever known
7:41   and deeply detest.
7:45   I hope that I will never meet him because I know what he does to his victims.
7:51   I will pray to Allah that I can prevent this war,
7:55   and I hope that everybody who gets this message,
7:59   will take it seriously.
8:02   I am deeply sorry and I know that I can’t undo anything,
8:06   but I hope that the faith of humans is not submitted to the psychopathic beliefs
8:11   of this sick ideology.
8:15   You shouldn’t underestimate the strength of the IS,
8:18   because they are not a group anymore,
8:21   they are a huge army with incredibly large resources,
8:25   a lot of money and many militaristic weapons, rockets, armored tanks,
8:30   surface-to-air missiles, atomic and chemical weapons
8:34   and the support of a few Saudi Arabians who possess a lot of political power.
8:41   I am sending this email to all the media that I know
8:44   in the hope that it will be taken seriously.
8:47   The PDF with this text and the photos you can download from the video.

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Doom said...

To be honest, it almost has to be hoped that they do possess and will use such devices. If not they will continue and the West will continue to submit. Only if enough, and hopefully in a "liberal" enclave, people are murdered will the world stand up and act. As I see it, and unlike the Jews, Arabs will be around until the end times. Muslims need not exist for another day. There were no muslims when that tract was written. I see no reason to support the modern ideas behind it.