Monday, February 01, 2016

Larwyn’s Linx: The Coming Wave of Oil Refugees

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The Coming Wave of Oil Refugees: Michael Meyer
NYT Reporter: Clinton’s Problem is the FBI, Not Republicans: David Rutz
Plan to infuse small towns with Muslim migrants meets resistance: Leo Hohmann

Trump Questions: Erick Erickson
Iowa poll reveals a line of attack that could sink Trump: Philip Klein
Wow: Ted Cruz Converts Iowa Farmer Angry About Ethanol Subsidies: Sooper

Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll: Still Trump: Patterico
Seven Questions About Iowa: Patrick Ruffini
Cruz caucus eve rally filled with parting shots at Trump: W. James Antle III

Hillary Pretends To Bash Wall Street Because Iowa Feeling “The Bern”: Thornton McEnery
Feeling and Fleeing the Bern in Iowa: Roger L. Simon
A Felon By Any Other Name: Derek Hunter


The Fed Is Freaked Out about the Financial Markets: Larry Kudlow
Teachers' Unions vs. Better Schools: Diana Furchtgott-Roth and Jared Meyer
Democrats in Congress waste $2 million protecting Clinton on Benghazi: Sam Rolley

Scandal Central

The Connection Between Malheur, Putin, The Clinton Foundation, And Big Money: Herschel Smith
Too Dangerous to be President: Flopping Aces
Microsoft on the hot seat in Iowa: Mario Trujillo

Climate & Energy

California of the Dark Ages: Victor Davis Hanson
Clinton: ‘Deploy Half a Billion More Solar Panels by End of My First Term’: Penny Star
Quartz: Fix the Climate, or be Overwhelmed by African Climate Migrants: Eric Worrall


FBI Video of LaVoy Finicum Shooting – and Why CTH Is Reluctant to Engage: Treehouse
NAACP leader uses F-word to apologize for using T-word after N-word meeting: Olaf Ekberg
Fox Makes It Easy for Amnesty: KausFiles (2015)

Video: Hillary Clinton is finally confronted with her classified data non-disclosure agreement: Jazz Shaw
ABC Touts Hillary Dismissing E-Mail Scandal; NBC Promotes 'Exclusive Look' at Hillary App: Curtis Houck
Koch network spent nearly $400M in 2015 (and still have less influence than the Times or Post): Jonathan Swan


Obama To Visit Maryland Mosque Tied to Muslim Extremists, FEMA Grants & State Dept: Creeping
Children Burned Alive But Rest Assured Obama Will Ignore Them: Sara Noble
‘Tsunami of money’ from Saudi Arabia funding 24,000 madrassas in Pakistan: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Got Entropy? Moar Cryptography and Security Hints for Beginners: Stop Shouting!
License Plate Readers in Texas Are Now Also Debt Collectors: Yael Grauer
Computer Criminal Faces 35 Years in Prison for Passing U.S. Military Data to Islamic State: David Bisson


Men and Women are fundamentally different: Darleen Click
Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon: C&S
Why This Female Cannot Support Donald Trump: Susan Brown

Image: Internecine Politics – Fox News Debate Executive’s Daughter Is Marco Rubio Press Secretary
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Anonymous said...

I see Erickson has a new website. On this one he's eliminated all the hubbub people were giving him about getting easily banned on RedState for rumpling this snowflakes delicate feelings with contrary comments.

Here he doesn't even allow ANY one to comment!!! What a pussy.

If you're going to put your opinion out there, WhyTF are you afraid that some others won't agree?

I'll read most of your anti Trump links but generally never open a Mr CandyAss link. If I had the time, I'd like to see the financial links he has to Rubio or Jeb because he comes across as someone whose support is for sale.