Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Trump, Sanders Dominate in New Hampshire. What the Hell is Next?

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New Hampshire

Trump, Sanders Dominate in New Hampshire. What the Hell is Next?: Ben Shapiro
2016: The most important election since 1932: Henry J. Aaron
The Populist Earthquake: Matthew Continetti

Why Ted Cruz is now the Republican front-runner: Philip Klein
Clinton allies grapple with crushing loss: Annie Karni
Hillary Clinton: Black Kids Are Being Shot for the Color of Their Skin: GWP

Where’s The Media Orgasm Over Ted Cruz’s Showing?: Erick Erickson
New Hampshire Consequences and The GOPe Road Map Moving Forward: Treehouse
Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Chris Christie Need to Go Home: Erick Erickson


Revenge of the Dirt People: The Z Man
Will Sotomayor Recuse Herself from Obama Amnesty Case?: Daniel Horowitz
Like It or Not, It’s a Two Man Race Between Trump and Cruz: John Hawkins

Cruz Demonstrates Why Senators Hate Him: A Bad Thing?: Daniel Horowitz
Jeb Is Dead. He Just Does Not Know It.: Erick Erickson
Jeb to Conservatives: Drop Dead: Steven Hayward


TSA: Total Security Abyss: Michelle Malkin
Bill Clinton: Young People Feel “Trapped” After 7 Years Of Obama: John Hayward
Obama Budget Calls for $3.4 Trillion Tax Hike: Alexander Hendrie

Scandal Central

Hillary e-mail requested printout “without any identifiers”: Ed Morrissey
Obama may be Ensnared in the Clinton Email Scandal: Jonathan F. Keiler
Is Bill Clinton in the FBI crosshairs too?: Monica Crowley


‘The Obama Administration Has Been Remarkably Scandal-Free’: Jim Geraghty
Study: The Media Responded to Cruz Winning Iowa by Covering Him LESS: Leon H. Wolf
Man Brilliantly Exposes Double Standard Of Beyoncé’s Activist-y Super Bowl Performance: Chicks on the Right

Michael Bloomberg: Gun Owners are Poor and Therefore Idiots: Nick Leghorn
McKinsey's New "Slate"-style SAT Intimidates "Slate" Nonreaders, Like Immigrants, Poor, Blacks: Steve Sailer
Ted Cruz RESPONDS to Trump’s vulgar attack: “Donald does not handle losing very well”: Scoop

Ted Nugent Blasted by Jewish Groups, Gun Owners Over Anti-Semitic Facebook Post: Sharona Schwartz
Bill Clinton says if he weren’t married he could speak more freely (his mistresses agree): Doug Powers
Limbaugh: 'Start sending Steinem bags and bags of Doritos': Paul Bedard


German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ reveals Islamic State (ISIS) commander embedded with Muslim refugees: BNI
I Saw the U.S. Hand Iraq Over to the Iranians. Is the Whole Region Next?: Michael Pregent
80 Percent of Zero: China’s Phantom South China Sea Claims: Steven Stashwick

Putin scrambles thousands of troops and hundreds of warplanes amid growing tensions with the West: DailyMail
DNI: China Continues Cyber Espionage: Bill Gertz
We Need a United Nations of World Religions: Robert Montenegro

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

‘Watch out for those scary opinions’! Twitter introduces glorified speech police: Twitchy
Why Driverless Cars Will Screech to a Halt: Steven Hill
12 Quality Concealed Carry Holsters: Brad Fitzpatrick


A Hornets' Nest of Morality: Theodore Dalrymple
Props to the Agitpropist: iOTWreport
Triumph the Insult Dog Visits College to Invade Students’ Safe Spaces: Alex Griswold

Image: Trump Win, Rubio Collapse in New Hampshire Primary Plunge GOP 2016 Race Into Chaos
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "So here we are. Trump is the clear frontrunner on the Republican side, and circumstances seem to be working almost perfectly to his advantage; Hillary is collapsing on the Democratic side, and one more stumble with ethnic minorities will finish her.

Perhaps that’s the greatest legacy of Barack Obama: he didn’t just fundamentally transform the country, he may have burned down both parties, too." --Ben Shapiro

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