Sunday, February 21, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: A Vote for a Rubio is a Vote for Trump, Period

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Scandal Central

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Image: A New York Yankee in South Carolina’s Court
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QOTD: "If you think [Marco's] so cute and such a remarkable candidate you want to believe or propagate his lies, go ahead and do so; but do so with open eyes: He was pro-amnesty, he is pro-amnesty, he will continue to be pro-amnesty, forever.

Your only hope of blocking amnesty is to have a president who will block it; Congress is on board with the plan.

So agitate for this slithery chameloeon if you like; but do not pretend to yourself or others that that will not result in a guaranteed amnesty in the first year of his presidency." --Ace


Frodus said...

In the next debate if there is one Trump will beat Rubio over the Head with his participation in the gang of 8. I for-see Cruz and Trump ganging up on Rubio, its going to be a blood bath.

After watching the Party line up behind Rubio just reminds me how scared and out of touch the party is with their base. This will be a warm up for Trump and his plans to blast Hillary of the head with her past performance.

The NV primary showed us that 33% of Dimms voters didn't show up compared to the last primary that voted for Obama. That's a huge drop in participation rate, just a small sign of things to come.

Anonymous said...

To be posted the evening of November 8 2016 after Trump Loses..

As an eyewitness to history, I can see how things are currently trending and how the current path should be clear to all. . but isn’t…

But no matter, I will just leave this here for you to carefully consider since I see no point in waiting for the inevitable to play out.

Donald J. Trump conceded the race to Hillary Clinton tonight

With almost an air of relief Trump thanked his supporters and begrudgingly congratulated Ms Clinton on her win. But in a final twist of fate, the erstwhile target of his wrath and persecution turned the tables on him in her victory speech. Trump had threatened to prosecute Clinton, now it was Hillary making the threats.. and now she has the power of the Federal government to carry them out.

In recent weeks indications of the resulting landslide result was shaping up in the polls, so despite rumblings and rumors of lawsuits over tonight’s return, it became obvious that the victory was so slanted as to make these actions seem superfluous at best.

While Trump’s style of bluster won him many acolytes in the primaries, these same mannerisms only served to drive most people away in the general contest. His once successful tactics of lawsuit threats and shutting down opponents shouts of Liar! Had the opposite effect outside the cloistered rallies..

And while Hillary still has to clean up the lose ends of her legal troubles, it’s a fair bet that Justice Obama will serve to be the deciding factor in any legal case brought before the court.

Many are looking back wondered why they did not see the danger earlier, and still many more nodded their heads at the phrase ‘we told you so.’

While a formal postmortem on the failed Trump candidacy is still to be conducted, many have already began piecing together the early signs of his ultimate defeat tonight.

After the Convention.

The enthusiasm in the first few events after the Trump Convention were palpable as excitement ran high. His expected after convention bounce put him in the lead over Hillary Clinton and the recurring theme of 'Trumpmentum' seemed to be manifest and expectations mounted that he would run away with the race.

But then the stories of his past began flooding the airwaves. The accusations of fraud many ignored in the spring bubbled to the surface, and Trump’s only passing flirtation with the truth started to plague him on the trail.

These already known but overlooked problems at first only seemed to momentarily blunt the 'Trumpmentum' to which the Donald dismissed with a dismissive wave of his hand.

But as they beset his campaign with new revelations added each day it became horrifying apparent that his appeal had reached it’s apex for the first time in the long campaign.

Anonymous said...

Houston, we have a problem

As the general election season proceeded apace with 'Trumpmentum' on the wane many diehard supporters began to get nervous, but since there was no other choice they stuck it out until the inevitable end.

For many it was a very new experience enduring the phenomena for Trump of ever falling poll numbers. Still Many more were dumbfounded that Trump’s usual approach of bombastic bullying only made the numbers drop even faster.

The Debate debacle

Towards the end the series of presidential candidate debates sealed the fate of 'Trumpmentum.' Tactics that has served him well in the spring began backfiring in a spectacular fashion.

Instead of seeing a candidate ‘standing up for himself’, the general electorate saw a bully trying to shout down his opponent. While in the past his vague policy proposals protected him, this time around they became a liability. And with his inability to even begin to get close to acting presidential, the debates plunged his numbers into the basement without any means to bring them back. The people has already formed an opinion of the polarizing public figure of Trump, they either adored the man or were reviled by him, there was no middle ground to be taken

And it became obvious to all but his most ardent supporters that he would lose and lose big.

Worse yet, he had nothing in his bag of tricks to stop the slide – they only served to accelerate it further. Trump’s attempts at intimation only served boost Hillary’s sympathy vote. His accusations that she is a liar redounded badly as she pointed out all of his lies and flip flops.

In a final twist of the rhetorical knife that brought down the house, Hillary ended her victory speech with ‘Donald J, Trump.. You’re Fired!’