Friday, February 26, 2016

CAPITALISM VS. SOCIALISM FOR DUMMIES: And Bernie Sanders Fans, But I Repeat Myself

Not sure who the original author was, but @BiffSpackle sobered up enough from his recent three-day bender to illustrate it for us.

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Anonymous said...

Socialism is the fraudulent ideology that society will be better we each are forced to live at the expense of others. It can only be brought about by government coercion. A person who loves God’s Law will easily see how socialism violates three of the Ten Commandments because it is based on lies, coveting and theft.

This is not an abstract preference. Socialism has the blood of over 100 million people on its hands, from attempts in the last century to impose it innocent victims.

-- theBuckWheat

Anonymous said...

The previous commentor was very careful not to overstate the number of people murdered by Marxists around the world in order to create the utopia they have always searched for but never achieved, I've seen other estimates that the number could be between 150 MILLION to 200 MILLION citizens from Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Laos, Cuba, Iran, etc. , were brutally murdered and/or starved to death. It's hard to see how so many Americans are so willing to believe such mass murders won't happen in the USA. The undercover FBI agent who were working with the Weather Underground (our own home-grown terrorists) indicated these home-grown Communist terrorists of the 1960's at a meeting said they were willing to kill up to 25 million Americans.

tom swift said...

Boiled down to its essence, any of the socialist variants are about control. By the government, the Central Committee, whatever. Control of finances, control of production, trade, commerce ... control of the press, control of all aspects of society.

A life of control vs. freedom.