Thursday, February 18, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Whoa: WSJ/NBC national poll shows Cruz climbing past Trump to lead

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Whoa: WSJ/NBC national poll shows Cruz climbing past Trump to lead: Hot Air
The Ongoing Ted Cruz Response to Trump’s Lawsuit Threat is Pretty Epic: Sara Gonzales
Cruzing to Victory?: Erick Erickson

The Living Constitution And Second Amendment Alarmism: Mike McDaniel
10 Times Democrats Vowed To Block Republican Court Nominees: The Federalist
Democrats Must Lie in the Politicized Judiciary Bed They Made: Daniel Horowitz

Queen @HillaryClinton – The Once And Future Tyrant: Camp o' the Saints
CNN confirms: Hillary's Nevada firewall has been obliterated: CainTV
Freedom Caucus Leader Raul Labrador Backs Cruz: Max

Jeff Sessions counters Rubio's fraudulent claims on the Gang of Eight: Hot Air
SC Voters Angered by Trump's Claim that Bush Lied to Start Iraq War: John McCormack
Poll: Cruz takes top spot nationally after big Trump drop: Ryan Lovelace

Trump, Lies, and Bankruptcy: Kevin D. Williamson
Trump Condemned Scalia as Recently as December: Mona Charen
Obama’s Successor Could Oversee High Court Makeover: John T. Bennett

Who Told Rubio To Attack Cruz’s Honesty?: Steve Berman
Trump: Bush Administration Knowingly ‘Lied’ About Iraq War Intel: Larry Elder
Shock: Nikki Haley to Endorse Amnesty Candidate Marco Rubio: Ace


CTA board retirees (Valerie Jarrett) on pension gravy train: Chicago Sun-Times
Much Ado About Nothing Budget: Veronique De Rugy
Fed Hits Rate Hike Pause Button On Market Fears, Minutes Show: Ciaran McEvoy

Scandal Central

Hillary Clinton Email Chain Discussed Afghan Agent's Ties to the CIA: Ace
Guess What? EPA Gold King Mine Spill was Worse than Previously Thought: Spencer Irvine
EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Shadowbanning ‘Real and Happening Every Day’ Says Inside Source: Instapundit


The Cause of This Nightmare Election? Media Greed and Shameless Traffic Worship: Ryan Holiday
NY Times Editorial Board In 1987: Democrats Have Every Right To Resist Reagan Appointees: WZ
CNN Correspondent: Obama Will Say GOP Senators Racist If They Block Supreme Court Nominee: DC

Let The Next President Pick Scalia’s Successor: John Kass
Watch: Obama Confronted About His 2006 Attempt To Filibuster Justice Sam Alito: Hannity
Shocking image depicting the 'white woman of Europe' sparks fury : DailyMail


The return of appeasement, collaboration and isolationism: Victor Davis Hanson
Britain: Muslim Rape Gangs Run Wild: Robert Spencer
CNN Runs Segment On Trump Wall Being Very Doable – We Explain How Mexico Pays: Treehouse

The Obama Administration and the Question of Genocide: AmInt
US Deploys F-22 Stealth Fighters to South Korea to Deter Pyongyang: Franz-Stefan Gady
Ankara blast: Turkey vows retaliation for deadly bomb attack: BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Memory That Lasts Forever: New Quartz Coin Can Store 360TB of Data for 14 Billion Years: Futurism
White House: FBI is not asking Apple for a 'backdoor' to the iPhone: John Ribeiro
The First Pentax Full-Frame DSLR Is a Beauty: Jamie Condliffe


1924 Newspaper Article Outlines Six Goals of the Illuminati: SHTFplan
The Progressive's Guide to Political Correctness: Elephant
Feel good story of the week: Paco Enterprises

Image: Shocking image depicting the 'white woman of Europe' sparks fury
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "The world of 2016 is eerily beginning to resemble the powder keg of 1939 Europe.

Iran, China and North Korea, along with radical Islamic terrorist groups, all have particular contempt for Western democracies. Almost daily, various aggressive nations or organizations seek provocation by shooting off intercontinental missiles, boarding American boats, sending millions of young male Middle Easterners into the West, and issuing unending threats. China is creating new artificial islands to control commercial routes to and from Asia.

The European Union is largely unarmed. Yet it still trusts that it can use its vaunted “smart diplomacy” to reason with its enemies.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s Russia cuts deals with Iran, Syria and most of the enemies of the West. Like Stalin before, Putin cynically assumes that his triangulations will turn aggressive powers exclusively against the West. Recently, he warned the West of a “new world war” starting in the Middle East.

[And] America is slowly withdrawing from involvement abroad, using the same isolationist arguments heard in the 1920s." --Victor Davis Hanson


Anonymous said...

Of course it's your site Doug but it's getting tiresome. I never expect a RealClear Politics experience coming here, how much EJ Dionne can one take but I would prefer a more even handed treatment of the candidates. But again, I ain't paying the bills...

9 Trump bashing links and just in case there are any Rubio supporters lurking
3 Rubio bashing links


I can understand someone supporting a candidate but constantly bashing Trump with ridiculous polls, lies of omission, videos from ancient times and other Cruzbot tactics are painting yourself into a corner. Why not link top some positive accomplishments of Cruz? I mean other then the fact you'd have nothing after Day 1 and Day 1 would be a skimpy affair to begin with...

Trump OTOH could keep you busy for weeks linking the things he's accomplished in his life-try Art of the Deal sometime. This is the guy I want. Do a comparison sometime of Trump and Cruz answering questions. If you loved the ramblings of Obama, Cruz is a natural. I happen to like directness. That's the trait of an Alpha Male. Being coy is for women.

Anonymous said...

Zardoz, Doug is a conservative, trump is not a conservative. Any questions?
Cruz 2016!

Anonymous said...

Trump is a conservative-he's got some views I'm not done with but he's a can do man, has been all his life.

Any questions?

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Doug, for your generosity.

Anonymous said...

So the fbi is not asking Apple for the backdoor, no, but they'll wait and Gibson Guitar you, and if that doesn't work they'll get you in the woods and make it look like your Apple did it.