Thursday, February 25, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: What would a President Marco Rubio do about immigration?

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What would a President Marco Rubio do about immigration?: John Fonte
Levin: Rubio's Disgraceful Tactics: CR Wire
Fully Delusional Cruz and Rubio Campaigns Ignore Trump As He Soars: Ben Shapiro

Scalia’s Passing: A Reminder of the Stakes: Paul A. Rahe
GOPe Plans To Go “Full Mississippi” on Trump To Destroy Him: Treehouse
Oh, by the way: Just 4% of all Super PAC spending has targeted Trump: Hot Air

Cruz versus Trump: The difference between a conservative and a populist: Bookworm
Hillary Doesn't Know Difference Between Constitution And Declaration: Hannity
Does Ben Carson Suspect His Campaign Was a Scam?: David A. Graham

Why Trump Isn't the Inevitable Nominee: Lou Cannon
Get Over It, GOP: Trump’s the Nominee: Fran Coombs
The Math: Why Cruz is the Only GOP Candidate that can Stop Trump: JD Rucker

Trump: The barbarian at the GOP gates: John Kass
RNC sees leverage over Trump: Daniel Strauss
Cruz Isn't Out, and Rubio Isn't a Shoo-In: Albert R. Hunt


An Escalating War on Cash: John Browne
How the Affordable Care Act Continues to Fall Short: Veronique De Rugy
Economic Inequality Summed Up in One Picture: MB

Scandal Central

Trump Heading to Trial Over Trump University Fraud Charges: LI
Lynch: Hillary e-mail investigation will get an “independent” review … to a point: Ed Morrissey
A bad day for the DOJ in court; a good one for electoral integrity: Paul Mirengoff

Lexington, MA Now Faces Semi-Automatic Gun Confiscation: Mike Sweeney
The Trashing of Bill’s Accusers: What Did Hillary Do — and Why Did She Do It?: Larry Elder
CNN: Trump’s body language like that of Mussolini: Brian Maloney


If This isn't an Endorsement of Ted Cruz Nothing is! A Must Listen!: Politibrew
Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council”: Orwellian, or just a really bad idea?: Ed Morrissey
The #FreeStacy Twitter Exodus Has Begun: Daniel Payne

California State University LA Bans Ben Shapiro: LI
A question for all you I-will-never-vote-for-Trump-even-if-he's-the-nominee conservatives: CainTV
Why I support Ted Cruz for president: Dan Patrick


The Tough Choices Of Overseas Intervention: Victor Davis Hanson
Israel says Iran building terror network in Europe, US: Himalayan
West told Ukraine to abandon Crimea, document says: EUobserver

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Death of Twitter: The Z Man
The Amazing True Story of How the Microwave Was Invented by Accident: Matt Blitz
Automakers Find Three Root Causes for Defective Takata Airbags: Clifford Atiyeh


Suicide Is Painless.: MOTUS
The Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe Is Like A C63 With The Volume Turned Down: Matt Robinson
There's a Word for This: Sondrakistan

Image: There's a Word for This
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QOTD: "First comes legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border." --Sen. Marco Rubio, June 10, 2013, speaking in Spanish on the Spanish-language Univision television network

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