Friday, February 26, 2016

Make China Great Again!


Hat tip: Commander Spicy Disco.


pookie18 said...

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to the end of this looney presidential cycle. Why? So we can be spared all the rank selective stupidity, combined with an exclusionary judgementalism that serves, for some, as evidence of something that ordinary people look at and think, jeez, so what?

So somebody's branded apparel is made in China. Big whoop. Does this mean that the accuser has NOTHING made there, in their possession? Or that they never, ever, speak against anything Chinese, because they happen to have an item or two, or a house full? God forbid the conclusion that once corrective action is taken, that more of it COULD be profitably made here. But, sloppy consumerism.

The term Trump Derangement Syndrome is applicable for a good reason: It so closely resembles the looney left and the Bush thing. Just nuts. Frickin' nuts.

Eskyman said...

Hey, thanks for the memories! Way back when Trump was just getting started, Macy's thought they could shut him down by pulling this same stunt, pointing out that Trump's ties were (gasp!) actually Made In China, Oh My!

IIRC, Macy's stock took a big hit. Trump used this in his stump speeches, explaining why even Trump himself couldn't get quality goods made in America, and that he wanted to Make America Great Again so that we can actually make stuff here again, like we used to do! What a dangerous idea! Stomp it out quick!

Your TDS is really screwing up this once-great blog. Hope you come to your senses, but if not: thanks for all the fish!