Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: John Kasich Thinks He Is Running In The Democratic Primary

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John Kasich Thinks He Is Running In The Democratic Primary: Erick Erickson
Marco Rubio's Rick Perry Moment: Ben Shapiro
Again with pre-emptive excuses: Trump says he doesn't have to win NH: Reaganite

Black and Unarmed: Behind the Numbers: Heather Mac Donald
You Don’t Know What Obama Said at the Mosque: Dennis Prager
A shaking Bill Clinton accuses Sanders supporters of ‘sexism’: Olaf Ekberg

Hillary’s E-mail Recklessness Compromised Our National Security: McCarthy
Staffing Changes Won’t Fix Hillary’s Biggest Campaign Problem: LI
Last-ditch Hillary strategy to win NH: Liken Sanders to… the Clintons: Doug Powers

As vote nears, a more radical Trump emerges: Byron York
It’s A Time For Choosing And That’s Why I Must Choose Cruz: Kevin Boyd
Rand Paul’s New Hampshire Campaign Chair Endorses Ted Cruz: RS

Bernie and Hillary’s America: Cal Thomas
Bush says he'd 'eliminate' Free Speech offered by Citizens United: Jesse Byrnes
Is New Hampshire the End of the Road for Jeb?: Roger L. Simon


American Perspectives on Welfare and Poverty: Mark Schreiber and Elizabeth Fender
Tax Fairness Question at GOP Debate Rooted in Falsehood Spread by Media: James D. Agresti
DOJ is asked to probe utility’s replacement of U.S. workers: Patrick Thibodeau

Scandal Central

FBI Makes It Official: Hillary Rodham Clinton Is Under Law Enforcement Investigation: Michael Walsh
Not Just Goldman: Here's Full List of Paychecks Hillary Collected From Wall Street: Hannity
FBI formally confirms investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret server: Twitchy

Climate & Energy

Australia May Fire 350 Climate Scientists Because Climate Change is Proven : Esther Inglis-Arkell


Fox News is Marco Rubio’s Unofficial Super-PAC and Using Megyn Kelly to Sell It: Treehouse
Tammy Bruce defends Ted Cruz: “CNN is not a Twitter Network”: Scoop
Why Won't Anyone But Rubio and Cruz Say Obama Is Destroying the Country on Purpose?: EIB

Final CNN poll in NH: Trump leads big, Rubio second, Bush and Christie in deep trouble: Hot Air
Maraniss: Bill Clinton 'Frail,' 'No Gleam,' 'No Electricity': Daniel Halper
Where the Bern Is: Mark Steyn

Pro-Choicers’ Reaction to Doritos Super Bowl Ad Exposes the Weakness in Their Worldview: Sarah Rumpf
Beyonce's Racist Super Bowl Ass-Shaking Routine Pays Homage to Malcolm X, Black Panthers: Ben Shapiro
Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Black Version of KKK Rally: MB


Satellites Show Mystery Construction at Iran’s Top-Secret Military Site: Kimberly Dozier
'ISIS operatives in Sinai are receiving medical treatment at Hamas hospitals in Gaza: JPost
US Secretly Sent Plane to Europe with Hopes of Capturing Edward Snowden: Undercover Economist

573 Muslims, 2 Christians: Syrian Refugees Admitted to US Since Paris Terror Attacks: CNS News
Assad Regime Gains in Aleppo Alter Balance of Power in Northern Syria: Chris Kozak
How Assad's Prisoners Die: ForPol

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NASA Will Return to the Moon in Preparation for Human Mars Mission: Robin Seemangal
Gravitational Waves and How They Distort Space: UniverseToday
Hacker says he’s breached DHS and FBI, leaks claimed staff data: Paul Ducklin


It’s not just your imagination. Horror films are much more scary than they were in the past.: Patricia Pisters
Fundamentally Transforming the Super Bowl: MOTUS
Why is it sexist when a man flirts with a female interviewer but hilarious when roles are reversed?: Martin Daubney

Image: Hillary’s E-mail Recklessness Compromised Our National Security
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QOTD: "Now that Bush has wasted $120 million of special interest money on his failed campaign, he says he would end super PACs." --Donald Trump

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