Friday, February 12, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Rush Limbaugh on Trump vs. Cruz

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Scandal Central

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Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

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Image: Why North Korea’s Recent Tests May Pose a Major Threat to America
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QOTD: "Of [the Gang of Eight], Donald has contributed money to five. 3 Democrats(!) and 2 Republicans. They were Schumer (5 times!), Durbin, Graham, McCain & Menendez.

And what did Trump expect to get for his money? Because don’t forget, it was Trump that said he put money into candidates so he could get what he wanted. It was Trump that said he was part of the problem. His donation to Graham was in 2014, a year AFTER the Gang of 8 bill was proposed, so I guess he felt he got his money’s worth.

Did he change his mind since he made these donations? Always possible. This is a guy whose entire persona is wrapped up in changing his mind on a whim. I wonder if it was around the same time he changed his mind on the idea that Romney lost the election because he was too hard on illegal immigration?

But back to the point, what credibility does Donald Trump have to criticize Rubio’s membership in the Gang of 8?" --Ben Howe

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Anonymous said...

One could get the impression that directorblue is not just pro-Cruz, but rabidly anti-Trump, what with all the links pulled from every nook and cranny. Perhaps it hasn't occurred to him that the result of all this ridiculous oblique back-and-forth will be that Americans get turned off by it, rather than energized.

We need an engaged electorate, not a swayed, confused and divided one. Thanks ever so much.