Saturday, February 27, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Donald Trump the Vacillator in Chief

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Donald Trump the Vacillator in Chief: Michael Brown
Trump: I'm Going to "Open Up Libel Law" So We Can Sue the Media or Something: Ace
The Trashing of Bill's Accusers: What Did Hillary Do -- And Why?: Larry Elder

Obama caught in massive terror lie: The Horn
Nitwits of the Round Table: Mark Steyn
The Three R's Enabling Trump: Amy Walter

Granny Clinton Explains ‘Right-Wing’ Plot on Email Scandal: Fred Lucas
Rattled Trump Spams Incoherent, Spelling-Challenged Tweets After Debate Debacle: JWF
"True or false, you said the government should pay for everyone's healthcare?": CR Wire

Cycles, Cultural Entropy and Faith: The Iron Legion
Trump’s Shocking Post-Debate Admission: Leon H. Wolf
Why Lindsey Graham Should Resign in Disgrace: CR Staff


The declining labor force participation rate for middle-aged males: Tyler Cowen
U.S. Has Record 10th Straight Year Without 3% Growth in GDP: Terence P. Jeffrey
Recovery? 13 Of The Biggest Retailers In America Are Closing Down Stores: Michael Snyder

Scandal Central

State Dept. Turns Over 1,600 Newly-Discovered Clinton Documents to Benghazi Committee: Alana Goodman
Why Whitewater Matters: Newly Released Documents Show A Pattern Of Clinton Deception: Micah Morrison
Feds Flag Thousands of Illegal Bernie Sanders Contributions: Lachlan Markay

Federal Footprint Map shows Government Lands: WF&A
Quiet 'Legal Scrub' Of TPP Makes Massive Change To Penalties For Copyright Infringement: Mike Masnick
Congressmen Have No Idea Why Special Operators Have To Pay Out Of Pocket For Basic Gear: Jonah Bennett


The Pentagon's $660 million FOIA fee: MuckRock
Twitter accused of shutting down Sanders fans/Hillary critics: Kyle Olson
Watch This Black Lives Matter Activist Get In Hillary Clinton’s Face: Bre Payton

Why Trump University is Every Bit as Awful as Marco Rubio Says: Ronn Blitzer
An Open Letter To The Three FBI Agents That Killed LaVoy Finicum In Oregon: Kate Dalley
A Case in Point: Newt Gingrich


Caught On Tape: U.S. Test Fires Nuclear ICBM, Warns "We Are Prepared To Use Nuclear Weapons": ZH
February 26, 1993: Michelle Malkin
Speaker Ryan: Congress Will Fight Obama Efforts to Ignore Pro-Israel Law: Adam Kredo

The Enduring Relevance of America’s Aircraft Carriers: Michael R. Groothousen
“10 days until EU migration system totally breaks down”: BNI
North Korea Threatens 'Mainland U.S.' in Response to Largest-Ever Joint Drill on Border: Frances Martel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A Brilliant Physicist Explains Gravitational Waves to Colbert: Andrew Liszewski
CDC: Zika infections confirmed in 9 pregnant women in US: Mike Stobbe
Artificial intelligence needs your data, all of it: Mike Elgan


Ben Shapiro speaks at California campus, all hell breaks loose: LI
The Twitter Police Target Conservatives: Debra Saunders
The Most Fantastic Thing In the History of Things: "Dual Survival" on National Geographic Discovery Channel: Ace

Image: Ben Shapiro speaks at California campus, all hell breaks loose
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "I've spent the last fortnight in a country where on illegal immigration everyone electorally viable is a hard-ass. That's to say, there's a bipartisan consensus that anyone attempting to enter the country without authorization should be warehoused in a detention camp – not in Australia but offshore, either on Nauru, a pile of guano that fancies itself a nation-state, or on Manos Island, which belongs to Papua New Guinea. It's the equivalent of Trump imprisoning Mexicans in a camp in the Dominican Republic. After years in detention, the migrants are generally either returned whence they came or resettled in a third country. Whatever squeamishness the Aussie Labor Party might feel about this is subject to the compelling political arithmetic that the voters are overwhelmingly at ease with it.

In America, by contrast, there is a cozy bipartisan consensus between the Democrat Party and the Donor Party that untrammeled mass unskilled immigration now and forever is a good thing. The Dems get voters, the Donors get cheap labor. The Dems have the better deal, but over on the GOP side the Stupid Party is too stupid to realize that suicide in slow motion leads to the same place as one swift sure slice from Isis.

So it was obvious that the moment someone proposed to rupture this corrupt and squalid arrangement that there would be takers for it – particularly among America's downwardly mobile lower middle class who, as a price for supporting the Donor Party, are supposed to put up with stagnant wages and diminished economic opportunity as a permanent feature of life. " --Mark Steyn

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