Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DONALD TRUMP: The Gifted Orator From New York

Another keeper by @BiffSpackle:
You can see a complete collection of Mr. Spackle's controversial comics here.


Eskyman said...

I love him too! Thank God there's one REAL person who can tell it as it is, and isn't Politically Correct! Go Donald Trump!

(Sorry to see your talent going to waste, Biff- a better subject for your pen would be Jeb Bush, who is still the establishment's choice, and who will still get the nomination unless Donald Trump stops him!)

Minnie said...

Trump, the arrogant loudmouth.
It's not a matter of not being PC. We don't need to further denigrate the Office of the President. And we certainly don't need another big government Progressive.

Frodus said...

Everyone that enters the arena of politics is fair game, Eskyman.

And wouldn't go as-far as calling Trump another progressive, either! Please try to keep in mind the government has grown just as much under the current leadership of Republicans. Last time I looked House and Senate gave away the store.

The next test for the "Trump" is South Carolina, which isn't nothing like NH. The Vets and the Military run that state, now you know why someone like Senator Graham keeps getting re-elected. Even tho he is completely useless much like Jeb/Rubio.

If the Vets come out for Trump in SC then Trump train will be hard to stop that's for sure. SC is a funny state, the evangelicals always break apart in their voting in primaries

Anonymous said...

Trump is a big government progressive? Whoa. He's certainly potty mouthed at times but that's OK with me.

Anonymous said...

NOW: Do one of Cruz:

"Carson is quitting! Can I get a hallelujia?!"
"I fight Big Government! Heidi keeps her Goldman connections!"
"I stopped a lotta cr*p from happening in Government! Let me LEAD it!"


Anonymous said...

I have an unhappy prediction to make. Because of the rancor being used as a marketing tool against Candidate_______________ victory, whoever the Republican nominee is, will not win the votes necessary to defeat whoever wins the Democratic nomination. I know that Doug has stated that he will vote for whoever wins the Republican nomination, but people like Glen Beck are calling Trump an actual facist and just today told his listeners that they cannot vote for Trump or Sanders.
The 2015-2016 Primaries have revealed (and deepened) the schisms inside the GOP. Those schisms are too great for the various groups to come together to defeat the Democrats in the Presidential election.

Anonymous said...

It WAS my intent to vote for Trump or Cruz if either won the bid. But the the Cruz insult bots have insulted me enough AND forced me to do my homework on Cruz enough, that now there is NO WAY I would ever vote Cruz. Congratulations Doug. (I m assuming that is the result you were after by this Anti-Trump Pro-Cruz blitz you've been on)