Monday, February 22, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Marco Rubio Has Said Different Things About Amnesty in Spanish and English

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Marco Rubio Has Said Different Things About Amnesty in Spanish and English: Patterico
A Three-Man Race After South Carolina: What We Learned: Jeremy Carl
Trump: The Low Risk Option: The Z Man

What Voters Did Not Vote For in South Carolina: Daniel Horowitz
Turning Against Trump: Bookworm
Ted Cruz is still the alternative to Donald Trump: Drew Ryun

Nasty: Clinton Campaign Calls 'Bulls---' on Bernie: Daniel Halper
Cruz’s Southern Firewall Cracks in S.C.: Alexis Levinson
Trump Smirks As Beltway GOP Crumbles: Olivia Nuzzi

Rubio Needs a Breakthrough Very Soon: Rick Moran
Jeb Bush's donors are already turning to their next loser, Marco Rubio: The Week
It Becomes Rubio’s Race To Lose: Erick Erickson

Mr. Trump’s Economic Nationalism: Jim Goad
Trump's Triumph: Destroying the Bush Dynasty: W. James Antle III
Trump Has Less than 5% of the Delegates He Needs to Win the Nomination: Leon H. Wolf


Why So Many Millennials Are Socialists: Emily Ekins and Joy Pullmann
Oracle Chief Ellison Gives $1 Million to Rubio: Max
The Drivers Of Inflation: Rent, Obamacare And Minimum Wage Hikes: ZH

Scandal Central

Every Day Carson Remains in the Race is Further Proof that His Campaign is a Scam: Leon H. Wolf
Did You Know Rubio’s ‘Gang Of 8’ Bill Would’ve Opened The Floodgates To Islamic Refugees?: Clash
Wage gap: One Hillary Clinton speech more than average CEO salary: Paul Bedard

New Jersey Town Offers Tips to Illegal Immigrants on How to Skirt ICE Raid: Warner Todd Huston
Obamacare and Medicaid: looting your estate after you die: Bayou Renaissance Man
New Records Reveal State Department Asked Hillary Clinton for Emails in July 2014: JW


#FreeStacy — But From What? In Defense of Free Speech Legalism: Ken White
NYT reports on serious concerns with refugee terrorists in US: Ann Corcoran
The Rubio Menace: KausFiles

Why Charles Koch’s awesome Bernie Sanders op-ed matters in future elections: Taylor Millard
Rare Photo of Satan Attempting to Free Himself From Hillary’s Body: MB
The Media Failed to Tell You That ISIS Tortured Victims At Concert In Paris: Mirror

These turnout numbers for Democrats are amazing!: Moe Lane
Bush Whacked: Mark Steyn
‘A Real Moment of Patriotic Grace’: Johnny Dollar


DHS: 500,000 people overstayed their U.S. visas in 2015: Anna Giaritelli
'Harmless Curiosity': Media Downplay Muslim Women Casing Florida Synagogues: Tiffany Gabbay
How ISIS Takes Revenge on Russia: Anna Nemtsova

Emails suggest Clinton led Libya intervention: Sarah Westwood
Show This Column to Anyone Who Claims Bush Lied about WMDs in Iraq: John Hawkins
Maddening report on Obama’s dealings with North Korea before nuke test: Twitchy

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Is Virgin Galactic's New Spaceplane, VSS Unity: PopSci
Zero Day Warfare: John Robb
Zika has been linked to birth defects. Now it may be causing paralysis.: Nick Miroff


Individual Rights and The Role of Government in Society: Richard M. Ebeling
How social media is destroying the lives of teen girls: Mackenzie Dawson
Ivanka Trump Opens Up About Converting to Orthodox Judaism: Lesley Messer

Image: German shorthaired pointer named CJ claims best in show crown at Westminster
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QOTD: "Donald Trump is, in many respects, a vehicle to clear the decks of the GOP and the political class in general. He’s a protest vote that people hope will force reform on the GOP and maybe do some good in office. Voters are increasingly aware that he is the safe choice, if they want change. The down side is he turns out to be more of the same. The upside is we actually get something useful done." --The Z Man


Anonymous said...

"Rubio's Race to Lose"?????

Oh dear god, EE is plucking that chicken for his GOPe lords to the very end. Funny thing is, he actually thinks he's in the club too.

Thanks for summing up the article in the headline, like I've said before, unless it's an EE post titled, "Why I Have Choose To End My Life" I ain't gonna bother.

And then I only skim it.

Anonymous said...

Double E is nothing but kook these days, he has his website all to himself.