Monday, February 08, 2016

LYING, PARTISAN HACK-WEASELS: Which is the term CNN prefers, I hear

By Renee Nal

At right, a Carson press release published on caucus night

In case you have not yet figured it out yet, CNN gave the distinct impression that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending his campaign on the night of the Iowa caucus. The report was used by the Ted Cruz campaign, who disseminated the information to precinct captains.

This information was also used by anyone who happened to check the news with their mobile phone during the Iowa Caucus.

It is absurd to consider that media types like Michael Smerconish, Business Insider, Buzzfeed and others were fooled by overly ambitious Ted Cruz precinct captains who were cherry picking information from a CNN report, as alleged by CNN correspondent Chris Moody.




The Cruz apology was not that the CNN report was used, it was that staff did not follow up with updated reports.

Dr. Ben Carson’s staff absolutely must take accountability for putting fuzzy information in the hands of CNN (namely, Chris “tick tock” Moody) in the first place, and also for not providing clarity during the caucus. If Ted Cruz supporters were able to convey media reports (as did Trump, Rubio and Paul supporters) Carson staff certainly should have been able to dispute those reports.

Oddly, this is not the first time that it had to be clarified that Dr. Ben Carson was actually staying in the race.

The most shocking thing about this entire mess is how so many have seized upon it to attack Ted Cruz, who is the only one to accept any responsibility.

Why doesn’t Ben Carson demand an apology from CNN?



Anonymous said...

CNN refuted Cruz on-stage defense blaming CNN during NH Debate.

Video -

On stage, Cruz lied about the lies put forth by his campaign under direction of Dan Gabriel, ex-CIA information/propaganda dissimination expert.

Cruz also lied about Trump's positions on Obamacare and Abortion.

Cruz sent out mailers disguised as official notices in both Iowa and NH.

Cruz is engaging in dirty dishonest politics.

PACNW Righty said...

Your tinfoil hat is showing.

PACNW Righty said...

Your tinfoil hat is showing.

Anonymous said...

Renee of Trevor Loudon's site is deep in the Führer's bunker with DENIAL.
HERE'S her excuse-making captain:

First: do it.

Second: deny it.

Third: blame someone else.

Fourth: hold a holy roller tent revival stunt
to reclaim appearance of “moral high ground”

Fifth: take responsibility for and
apologize for the “misunderstanding”

Sixth: deny it again.

Seventh: blame the media.

And THEN, she demands Carson and CNN apologize (!!!).

*TRUMP 2016*

Anonymous said...

If it quacks like a duck.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Dr Carson's beef lays with CNN, not with Cruz. He has taken this situation and tried to make a much bigger deal about it, not to mention fund raised off of it.


Anonymous said...

TO "Geo"

which spead the "Carson is quitting" falsehood, NOT CNN.

Anonymous said...

To Anon:

They Tweeted what CNN reported on television, then CNN didn't withdraw the misreporting until 3 hours later. That's not a Cruz issue, it's a CNN problem. Carson needs to get over it or take it up with CNN.


Anonymous said...

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