Thursday, February 18, 2016

Message to the GOPe from a fed-up grassroots voter

By Michelle Malkin

A reader named Dave in Montana asked me for help yesterday trying to get a message to the RNC and GOP ruling elite. I promised I would do what I could to make sure they saw his words.

I know there are many who feel the same way about the Republican leadership gone wobbly.

Here’s his email:

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find out how to contact the RNC or GOP. They make it easy on their website to donate, but impossible to email. I would like to give them (politely) a piece of my mind and point out that if they keep messing up, pushing the Establishment, they can say hello to President Hillary or Sanders. By comparison, I checked the DNC website — one click and you can send them an email.

It seems as though the GOP wants my money, but not my opinions…

I see today that the GOP is already laying the ground work to cave in to Obama on a Supreme Court replacement. Makes me wonder why there is a GOP!!!

Since it all pays the same, I get the impression the GOP doesn't want to be the majority party and have to do the heavy lifting.
Facebook and retweet this message to @reince and the @GOP if you agree!

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gadfly said...

Doug Ross discusses the GOP establishment, so does Rush and every conservative commenter in the world - but nobody names names.The first rule of fighting back is "publish names, pictures and bios." I await your next report.

Anonymous said...

Kwitcherwhining and give us money...then repeat...