Friday, February 05, 2016

Larwyn’s Linx: Exposed: Open-borders GOP lobbyists attack Sessions, Cruz

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Exposed: Open-borders GOP lobbyists attack Sessions, Cruz: Michelle Malkin
Former Amarillo Resident Sounds the Alarm on Islamic Resettlement: MB
Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants: Stephen Dinan

Issa: FBI Has No Choice But To Recommend Clinton Indictment: Katie Pavlich
Cruz Bleeding the Man Who Would Be President: Lawrence Person
Pathetic Jeb reduced to begging for applause at NH campaign stop: Shawn Langlois

Trump's cash crunch: Frank Friday
Marco Rubio: The Remainderman: Buchanan
Oh-Oh!! Democratic Party in trouble in Iowa!: Gretawire

Hillary’s Iowa ‘Win’ Is A Big Loss For Democrats: Jonah Goldberg
Hillary's Painful Explanation: $675K For Goldman Sachs Speeches: Hannity
An Open Letter to Jeb Bush: Mona Charen

The Democrats' New Game for Protecting Hillary: Ace
Obama at the Mosque: Patterico
Obama invited Hamas-linked CAIR official to visit Baltimore mosque with him: Robert Spencer


Welfare moms unhappy with free lodging, prepared meals, WiFi, maid service: Ed Straker
Obama Administration Misled Americans During the 2013 Debt-Ceiling Debate: Veronique De Rugy
The nation's least-competitive job market: Chicago: Katherine Davis

Scandal Central

Carol Bundy Sends: WRSA
Judge Wants Explanation from State Department on ‘Newly’ Discovered Clinton Records: JW
20 Planned Parenthood Clinics Have Harvested Body Parts From Aborted Babies: Micaiah Bilger

Climate & Energy

Obama to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax: Michael Grunwald
With Zika, Time to Bring Back DDT: Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Hillary Clinton Says Six Figures in Fossil Fuel Contributions Is ‘Not Very Much’: Jill Pape, Greenpeace


Frank Luntz Plays Favorites With Marco Rubio: S.V. Dáte
NYT: Cruz Victory Not Historic; He Doesn’t Meet “Conventional Expectations” of a Latino: Patterico
In Iowa Cruz Fared Better Than Rubio Or Trump With Young And Blue Collar Voters: LoneCon

On Seeing Clearly And Acting Sincerely: Liberty's Torch
Strong Man: Five Reasons this is a very bad idea: Gail Boer
What if there really ‘is’ a specific plan to transform America into an Islamic nation by 2020?: BNI


Non-Islamic Islamic State Savage Child Abuse Continues: Jawa Report
While we obsess over Trump, something TRULY terrifying is happening: Allen West
Conquest: 16 Million Migrants Heading to Europe This Year: Pamela Geller

IDF Preparing for Arrival of ISIS on Syrian Border: Yaakov Laapin
HAMAS Pal Jimmy Carter Prefers Trump to Cruz: Debbie Schlussel
Freedom of Navigation in a Chinese Gulag: Peter Navarro

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Your Next New Best Friend Might Be a Robot: Yongdong Wang
Mother Knows Best: The Audacious Epigone
The WW2 flying wing decades ahead of its time: Stephen Dowling


CLAIM: Michelle Obama has plastic surgery at Walter Reed on taxpayer’s dime: Coach Is Right
Breaking the Diddle Report: WFB
Gun Control: iOTW Report

Image: Insiders: Bernie scored in debate with Wall Street slams
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "The Director is somebody who cares a great deal about national security and with the body of evidence, he really has no choice but to refer this for indictment. We have communications back and forth to the President from Hillary Clinton's private email, we have 1300 sensitive documents, 22 classified at the highest level, this is well past anyone claiming that they didn't know.

In this case she made a choice. She made a choice to have a private server, she made a choice to use it with highly sensitive material, she made a choice to receive and re-transmit documents that should have been classified and have later been classified. These choices are what the prosecution will really be about." --Rep. Darrell Issa

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Anonymous said...

So "Mike" had his penis removed on our dime in an event they call "plastic surgery", whilst the goons move hard against the "occupiers". Is this a great Country or what?
And lest we forget, it was Hillary who said of Americans, "All that is necessary is that the people think they are free".