Saturday, February 20, 2016

REMEMBER: A Vote for Rubio or Bush is a vote for Trump

This is why:

As Ace noted earlier:

Ben Shapiro notes something, maybe unintentionally, that I've noted -- pushing Rubio will get you Trump.

Cruz is a non-lunatic candidate who is even more fluent with the issues -- and more conservative on them as well -- than Rubio.

And he's acceptable to people who are against Rubio. Rubio, obviously, is not. He remains firmly committed to amnesty, despite what his online salesmen claim.

Rubio's own words -- which they're not fond of quoting -- establish him as firmly, resolutely pro-amnesty and pro-pathway-to-citizenship... as soon as there's a "plan" for border security in place and as soon as the country has a president the people trust on amnesty.

Presumably Rubio thinks he's the latter, and the "plan" for border security can be done in one day, so yes, Rubio not only intends to bring back the Gang of Eight, but intends to do so on an expedited schedule.

...Instead of conceding [that Cruz and Rubio are neck-and-neck in a hypothetical matchup against Hillary], the Establishment and Establishment-friendly of the party are going to try to win on every single point, thereby telling the majority of the party -- which is against amnesty -- to go eat a dick.

This will not result in people coalescing around Rubio; if you knock out the only other anti-amnesty candidate, it will result in people coalescing around Trump, much to their own chagrin and with great reluctance.

But coalesce they will.

But do go on, Smart Set. Go on, being all smart enough to spite half the party over an issue they consider a priority.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News


Anonymous said...

This confirms exactly what happened in the SC primary. Rubio and the rest of the hangers-on are spoilers.
What a loss for the life of the republic if this continues and Cruz is not the nominee.

Lunarman said...

Bush, Carson, Kasich need to go away. Rubio and Cruz need to bury the hatchet and take out Trump. Cruz is my guy, but with Trump (who the hell in their right mind would ever think Trump is a Republican with his track record on the issues?) In the lead, something has to give.

Doom said...

A vote for anybody but Trump is a vote for Rubio. Pick your poison, but know it up front.

Anonymous said...

At this point, I just want to stop Hillary from winning.
My choice would be Cruz,, but I would take a Trump over Rubio
being that Rubio is the RINO choice