Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Rubio Needs to Step Aside and Clear the Field For Ted Cruz, Not Vice Versa

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Rubio Needs to Step Aside and Clear the Field For Ted Cruz, Not Vice Versa: Ace
Liberty—If You Can Keep It: Myron Magnet
With nomination looming, Trump slated to take stand in fraud trial: Michael Isikoff

Stat Crimes Matter: Heather Mac Donald
If Cruz Wants to Win, Thursday Night He'll Have to Knock Trump Out: Ben Shapiro
August 2013: Donald Trump Supports Amnesty: Dana Loesch

Judge unimpressed by Obama DOJ’s dive on non-citizen voting: Paul Mirengoff
Van Jones: Bernie Was For Civil Rights When Hillary Was For Goldwater: WklyStd
McConnell: No hearings or meetings with Supreme Court nominee: Politico

A Rubio-Cruz ticket might be the only way to stop Trump: Jonah Goldberg
The Conservative Case Against Marco Rubio: John Hawkins
Gun Maker Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit Over Newtown Shooting: ABC

Nevada Caucus

Trump Wins Nevada. Rubio and Cruz settle nothing.: Leon H. Wolf
Trump Speech Falsely Tells Voters Cruz Left Nevada Before Caucus: CR Wire
Nevada caucuses: reports of double voting, Trump attire on poll staff: Nicky Woolf

Nevada entrance polls show Trump winning Hispanics: Al Weaver
Nevada: irregularities, disorganization and violations of caucus rules: Kyle Cheney
Caucus chaos in Nevada as voters report instances of possible fraud: David M. Drucker


H-1B Hell: Obama DOJ Throws Fired SoCal Edison Workers Under Bus: Michelle Malkin
Starving on the Prosciutto-and-Brie Poverty Diet: Michelle Malkin
Gullible Americans: Walter Williams

Scandal Central

Using @Twitter's own risk factor analysis to force it to respect viewpoint diversity: Bainbridge
Big Trouble for Hillary: Federal Judge Grants 'Judicial Watch' Discovery on Emails: Debra Heine
Obama says he will close Gitmo – give terrorists Miranda rights: FAM


Red Ears Reveal Rubio’s Immigration Lies during O’Reilly Interview: Brenda Walker
Black Nationalist: ‘A Black Person Voting for Hillary Clinton Is Like a Jew Voting for Adolf Hitler’: Sam Reisman
Adam Baldwin sets the record straight, bids farewell to Twitter: Twitchy

Exclusive: Inside The Donald Trump Sexual Assault Lawsuit: Rachel Stockman
Brutal Ad Released Ripping Trump on Illegal Immigration Flip-Flop: DailyWire
Trump: 'I Really Don't Even Know What I Mean, Because That Was a Long Time Ago': Susan Jones

Twitter Doubles Down Stacy McCain’s SexTroubleBook account banned: DTG
'Average Mohamed' Cartoons Fight Radicalization in U.S.: Clarion
Federal Court Grants Judicial Watch Discovery on Clinton Email Issue: JW


Obama’s Plan to Close Guantánamo Would Establish Indefinite Detention on U.S. Soil: Murtaza Hussain
New York: Muslim rams patrol car, shoots two cops in Brooklyn: Creeping
Trump slams Iraq invasion, after first supporting it: Times of Israel

Russia wants to fly over U.S. with advanced digital camera: Times
Up to 5,000 Syria-trained jihadists back in Europe: EUobserver
68,000 migrants arrived in Greece in January: EUobserver

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The man who made 'the worst video game in history': Richard Hooper
The Eight Principles That Made Google the Most Innovative Company on Earth: Steven Kotler
These 5 Viral Puzzles Are Baffling the Internet—Can You Solve Them?: Sage Lazzaro • 02/23/16 12:44pm


Einstein: He Really Was All That: MOTUS
Hitler 'had tiny deformed penis' as well as just one testicle, historians claim: Telegraph
Ronda Rousey on 'Tonight Show' Photoshopped Picture: It 'Goes Against Everything I Believe': NBC-4

Image: Red Ears Reveal Rubio’s Immigration Lies during O’Reilly Interview
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QOTD: "On Friday, Breitbart News published an exclusive interview with Chris Crane, an ICE officer of 13 years and a U.S. Marine, in which Crane said Sen. Rubio treated law enforcement “like absolute trash” during his push to pass his 2013 amnesty bill. On Saturday, Rubio appeared on Fox News and implicitly denounced Crane and his service to the country. “He’s not an ICE official, he’s head of a union,” Rubio said angrily.

Miller, who worked for Sen. Sessions as Rubio sought to push the Gang of Eight amnesty bill through the Senate, explained that: “Chris Crane was a central figure in stopping the Gang of Eight immigration bill from becoming law. He did that in his capacity as the ICE Council President for America’s nearly 6,000 ICE officers and personnel. What that means is that the 6,000 ICE officers and personnel cast a ballot to pick one from among their own ranks to represent them nation-wide… He [Crane] was a central figure in exposing the Gang of Eight bill and stopping it.”

Miller explained that rather than rebutting ICE officer Crane’s specific accusations, Rubio responded by attacking Crane’s integrity... Rubio’s treatment of law enforcement and his implicit denunciation of Crane “really has become one of the central issues of the 2016 race,” Miller said." --Julia Hahn


Martin said...

With every column, every sweeping generalization, the pundit class carves out positions from which there can be no retreat, and in the doing, brand themselves - like a Hollywood creature impressed with their own fame.

Having worked to build an audience, they now seek to manipulate the inclined ears for their own ends. No emotional or seemingly rational hook is beyond their devices.

Unless, of course, they will later apply the Schumer Principle: What I say now is the only thing that matters.

Anonymous said...

Will we see Perry make a stab at the nomination after suspending his campaign? The assault of the Maggots nearly took him out, but between Trump's fraud case and Hillary's treason, he is the only one with a clean slate... as well as the requisite experience.

Anonymous said...

Some folks are comparing Trump to Hitler..., looks like we'll need a published medical evaluation of his wedding tackle to determine if his twigs and berries are normally proportioned, or if they are oversized Giuliani's.