Monday, February 29, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Stephen Miller Makes Case Against Marco Rubio in Epic Rant

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Stephen Miller Makes Case Against Marco Rubio in Epic Rant: Katie McHugh
That Super Tuesday delegate math is still looking awfully Trump-y: Jazz Shaw
Obama: The Lamest Duck: Victor Davis Hanson

Senator Billy Ray Valentine: The Z Man
40 Reasons Not To Vote For Donald Trump: John Hawkins
Sen. Jeff Sessions endorses Trump: Curt Mills

Trump Deflects David Duke, KKK Support, Will 'Research Them': Shoshana Weissmann
Trump Caves, Disavows David Duke 24 Minutes After Cruz Calls Him Out: Scoop
1927 news report: Trump's dad arrested in KKK brawl with cops: Matt Blum (2015)

Donald Trump in the Age of Obama: Stuart Schneiderman
Unless Democrats Run Sanders, We'll Have a Trump Presidency: Nathan J. Robinson
Democrats Should Be Very Nervous About Their Terrible Turnout Numbers: Zach Carter


Fascist American Universities 2016: Notes from CSULA: Ben Shapiro
Day Of Reckoning Imminent: ZH
Venezuelan Socialism Chaos: Every day is like Insane Black Friday: tuboKanal

Scandal Central

Gov’t Memo: Clinton Would Steer State Dept. Resources to Donor’s Haiti Project: Alana Goodman
Gitmo terrorists could be freed on US soil — thanks to liberal lawyers: Paul Sperry
Ted Cruz is Correct, Donald Trump Does Have Organized Crime Ties: Jeff Dunetz

Did Twitter URL Ban Bare Naked Islam?: MareZilla
Twitter now using ‘stealth blocking’ to prevent BNI readers from sharing BNI posts: BNI
"Trump Must Be Stopped" Plead 'The Economist' And CFR As Financial Establishment Panics: ZH

Climate & Energy

EPA's Disgraceful Reign: Dr. Tom Borelli


Celebrities to wear gun control bracelets at Oscars while surrounded by massive armed security force: AWR Hawkins
Why Isn't This A Hate Crime?: Market Ticker
The Voicemail From Marco Rubio That Drove Christie To Endorse Trump: Robert Gehl

Thoughts on Apple vs. FBI: Mark Levin
The Three-Prong Backdoor Test: Zdziarski
Conservative shopper app wakes Americans up to how liberal name-brand stores are: BPR

Trump dodges Tapper: Do you disavow the support you’re getting from David Duke and the KKK?: Hot Air
Hey Establishment, Trump Already Rejected David Duke Months Ago: Steve Flesher
Is the National Enquirer preparing a John Edwards-like story on Hillary and Huma?: Thomas Lifson

Mickey Kaus on the GOP's Trump Problem: Instapundit
Ben Sasse pens ‘Open Letter’ on what Constitutionalists should do if Trump is nominated: Scoop
Pray for America. Pray for Ted Cruz.: JD Rucker


Tashfeen Malik in US Before Farook Met Her for First Time?: MagNote
Everyone in Syria is Violating Kerry's Imaginary Ceasefire: Daniel Greenfield
Smart Power: Construction Begins on China's First Overseas Military Base in Djibouti: Ankit Panda

South Africa's Race and Class Implosion: Joel Pollak
Here's why German bosses are worried for the future:
France demands billions from Google: SPEISA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

That one time a man deliberately crashed at 632mph to pull max Gs: Eric Berger
Turn-by-Turn Navigation Showdown: Google Maps vs. Waze: Thorin Klosowski
Climbers Make First Winter Ascent of Nanga Parbat, the “Killer Mountain”: Andrew Bisharat


Pols and Celebrities. BANG!: MOTUS
Bernie Sanders Supporter Redefines the Term 'Grassroots Support': Diogenes
U.S. military successfully installs 'brain modems' in animals as part of project to develop 'cyborg soldiers': DailyMail

Image: Ramirez Cartoon: Closing Gitmo
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "Obama issues a new initiative—and the nation snoozes. He wastes the day on the golf links—and the nation snoozes. He smears his critics, invites a rapper to the White House whose latest album cover has a dead white judge lying in front of the White House—and the nation snoozes. He cozies up to America’s enemies and snubs our friends—and the nation snoozes. For the nth time, he blusters about closing down Guantanamo—and the nation snoozes. He opens the border even wider to welcome in more illegal aliens and future constituents—and the nation snoozes. Lame duckestry means not even being able to wake up your opponents.

There is so far no Obama legacy, except the creation of Donald Trump, a $20 trillion debt and zero interest rates—and the gift of flat energy prices that came despite not because of Obama’s efforts. Almost every major bureaucracy is awash in scandal or charges of incompetence. The common theme of the disasters at the GSA, EPA, ICE, IRS, NASA, Secret Service, and VA is ideological subversion and ingrained hostility to meritocracy. Would anyone be surprised that another government official pled the 5th, created fake email personas, resigned at 5 PM on a Friday afternoon, declared a foremost mission Muslim outreach, or withheld subpoenaed documents?" --Victor Davis Hanson


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63 Reasons NOT TO VOTE FOR Ted Cruz:

62 Reasons TO VOTE FOR Donald Trump:

Concordance of Cruz Lies, Deception, Corruption (by no means complete):

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The rumor is that Newt is advising Trump.

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Thank you for the link, Doug!