Thursday, February 11, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Donald Trump the Candidate: Fact-Checking Supporter and Media Misinformation

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Donald Trump the Candidate: Fact-Checking Supporter and Media: Jodi Giddings
Trump in Driver's Seat on Way to Presidential Nomination: Fred Barnes
Bernie Berned on Delegate Count by Clintonian DEM-ocracy: Leslie Eastman

Bernie Sanders's New Hampshire victory speech: Terrifying: Michael Filozof
Sanders And Trump Are The Same Totalitarian Candidate: Ben Shapiro
Cruz launches homeschool coalition, slams Common Core: Victor Skinner

Watch: Ted Cruz highlights Trump’s ultra-liberal record on The Kelly File: Scoop
Trump Wins New Hampshire As Immigration Patriots Go On Offense: James Kirkpatrick
Bush, Rubio and Kasich: Establishment Whack-a-Mole Candidates: George Rasley

Jeb: I'm Not Dead Yet!: Michael Warren
Christie Drops White House Bid: Rebecca Berg
Fiorina Suspends Her Campaign, Blasts ‘Feminism’ In Farewell Statement: Federalist

How to Win the White House: Don't Talk of Reagan. Talk Like Reagan.: Ace
When Government Writes the Copy of “Journalists”: Patterico
Congress Exempt From Obamacare--It's Listed As A Small Business: Daily Caller


In Search Of Fixes For A Fossilized Economy: Victor Davis Hanson
Maine Makes Welfare Recipients Work for it. Guess What Happens Next…: Louder With Crowder
Don’t tell Bernie Sanders, but capitalism has made human life fantastically better: AEI

Scandal Central

State Dept. Asked Clinton Lawyers to Delete Specific Classified Records: JW
New O’Keefe Video Shows How Easy It Is To Commit Voter Fraud In NH: Chuck Ross
State Dept to release 550 Clinton emails over weekend, under court pressure: Julian Hattem

Climate & Energy

SCOTUS halts Obama’s war on coal — temporarily: Ed Morrissey
President’s Oil Tax Puts Americans Over A Barrel: Veronique De Rugy
Rare weather event produces spontaneous snowballs in Idaho: AP


Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is ‘The Closest In Our Lifetimes We Have Ever Been To Ronald Reagan’: Steve Guest
Incendiary Image of the Day: Ted Nugent’s Anti-Semitic Facebook Post Edition: Robert Farago
NY Daily News calls voters 'mindless zombies' over Trump win: Jesse Byrnes

Hillary Clinton: Citizens United Is Tragic for America Because It Allowed People to Criticize Me: Brian Doherty
In Exchange for Scoop, Hillary Team Dictated Reporter's Story: Shoshana Weissmann
That ‘Controversial’ Doritos Commercial: Cal Thomas


This Video of China's Lethal Aircraft Carrier Missile Should Scare U.S. Navy: Harry J. Kazianis
World View: Russia and Turkey Head for Clash on Syria Border: CJR
Saudi Singer On Egyptian TV Criticizes Radical Islam, Defends The West: Larry Elder

Venezuela is on the brink of a complete economic collapse: Matt O'Brien
Man Arrested In “Democratic” Socialist Venezuela For Smuggling …Milk: WZ
The Latest: Assassin of Robert Kennedy denied parole: Elliot Spagat, AP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

100-Foot Asteroid to Brush by Earth Next Month: NBC New York
Exclusive: In boost to self-driving cars, U.S. tells Google computers can qualify as drivers: Reuters
Flash flushed as Google orders almost all ads to adopt HTML5: Simon Sharwood


Medal of Honor Long Overdue for 82nd Airborne's Most Decorated Officer!: William J Parker III, PhD
Rarely Seen Images of the Real San Quentin: The Marshall Project
Dating Coach Hayley Quinn Hopes to Rewrite the Rules For Finding Love Online: Brady Dale

Image: NY Daily News calls voters 'mindless zombies' over Trump win
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "I can’t get over the reluctance Democratic voters have to embrace Hillary Clinton as their nominee.

Here is President Obama’s former secretary of State, wife to the forty-second president and twice-elected senator from New York, and she ties in Iowa and loses by double digits in New Hampshire to a septuagenarian Vermont socialist.

There’s also an enthusiasm gap at work here—Republican turnout is up in both Iowa and New Hampshire, suggesting that GOP voters have had it after eight years of Obama and are ready for change. Clinton is a candidate of the past, she has no discernible message, she is compromised ethically and under investigation by the FBI. This is the candidate Democrats want to put forth in November?" --Matthew Continetti

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