Saturday, February 20, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: On Eve of SC Vote, Nation's ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them

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On Eve of SC Vote, Nation's ICE Officers Detail Rubio's Betrayal: Breitbart
Mark Levin: 'Time for All Conservatives to... Do the Right Thing': Susan Jones
The Cruz Surge is Real: Reaganite

How Obama Denied Conservative Judges a Vote: Daniel Greenfield
Obama phones McConnell, Grassley about Supreme Court: Jordan Fabian
Some Republicans open to hearing on Scalia replacement: Portland Press Herald

Jeb Bush Campaign Broke; To Stop Paying Staff On Saturday: RS
Photos: Small Clinton crowd on NV caucus eve: Olaf Ekberg
Sanders passes Hillary Clinton for first time in national poll: Jazz Shaw

GOP Planning 'Firewall' to Stop Trump in South Carolina: David A. Patten
How I Came To My Opinion On Donald Trump: Dana Loesch
Cruz, Carson Held Secret Meeting About Dirty Tricks in a Closet: Gideon Resnick


Are You Ready For The Consequences Of These Actions?: WRSA
When It Came To 9/11 Charity, Billionaire Donald Trump Actually Had His Hand Out: TSG

Scandal Central

Border Patrol Leaving Security Gates Wide Open: Kathryn Watson
Awesome! Obama Released Ibrahim Qosi From GITMO, Now He's Leader of AQAP: Jawa
Democrats in 1960 passed resolution against election-year SCOTUS recess appointments: WaPo

Climate & Energy

Obama Vows To Sign UN Global Warming Deal Without Senate Approval: Michael Bastasch


Watch Mark Levin's full speech at Conservative Review Conference: Scoop
Expect a Big Surprise from Marco Rubio Today: Leon H. Wolf
Cruz Only Candidate So Far to Attend Scalia Services: Roll Call

Culture changing concealed carry: Joe Huffman
The New York Times Says What They Believe Depends Upon the Outcome They Want: RS
The Real Story Behind Rubio’s No Show at Conservative Review Convention: Ben Howe

Let It Burn: The conservative choice : Ace
Vatican: Pope wasn't targeting Trump: Curt Mills
Townhall Media welcomes John Sexton as new Hot Air contributor: Ed Morrissey


Iran Promotes the Terrorist Behind the Deaths of 241 Americans: Dr. Majid Rafizadeh
Trumpism Corrupts: Jonathan V. Last
Norway’s Caves House More Than Seeds: Brent Smith

Leaked German govt report: refugees committed 208,344 crimes 2014-2015: Robert Spencer
Obama Gitmo Releasee Promptly Becomes al Qaeda’s New ‘Front Man’: Creeping
Terror-Tied CAIR Targets Gun Range in Litigation Jihad Sting: Pamela Geller

Russia's Syria tactics imperil EU-Turkey migrant plan: Andrew Rettman
Christian Israeli Restaurant Targeted in Muslim Machete Attack Will Close: Pamela Geller
The Rape of Europa — The Myth That Became Reality: Gates of Vienna

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Robots Can Now Flawlessly Iron Clothes: Jordan Pearson
Apple: Terrorist’s Apple ID Password Changed In Government Custody, Blocking Access: BuzzFeed
Vizio's smart TVs are snitches, lawsuit alleges: Kris Turner


Utah woman finds severed snake head in can of green beans: Fox
The Obamas Won't be Attending Justice Scalia's Funeral, but Here are Six They Did Find Time to Attend: Diogenes
Executive Penmanship: Hopenchange

Image: The Worm Turns on Trump
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "It's time for all conservatives to come home now and do the right thing ... From this place forward, we will demonstrate the will, the strength, and the wisdom of our movement. And we declare here and now that it will be our solemn mission to wrench this great Republic from the iron grip of the statists in both parties and their surrogates... in the federal courts and in the federal bureaucracy.

...We are not anarchists. We are Constitutionalists. We do not seek to fundamentally transform our country. We seek to take our country back from those who fundamentally screwed it up.

...We are the children and the grandchildren of the heroes who defeated Hitler and Tojo and Mussolini. We are the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of the heroes who are fighting the Islamic genocidal murderers from one hellhole to the next.

What were these patriots fighting for? Food stamps? The department of education?

From the Revolution to today, they were and are fighting for liberty. For the Constitution. For the Republic. And if anyone is confused about what we conservatives mean by our principles, beliefs and values, they can consult the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution." --Mark Levin

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