Saturday, February 13, 2016

PARADE OF HATEFUL NUTJOBS: Classy Leftists React to Justice Scalia's Tragic Passing

With all the respect that you'd expect from the radical Marxist Left (i.e., the modern Democrat Party):

And some more insightful post-scripts:

Donald Trump earns my vote if he is the nominee.

It is clear he loves America and he has pledged to shut down illegal immigration. That's a hell of a good start.

With that said, it is likely the next president will name three (or four, given the news of Scalia's tragic passing) SCOTUS justices to the bench.

Any idea what kind of judge Trump would nominate?

I have no earthly idea.

I would like to restore the Constitution and the rule of law. I know what Ted Cruz will do.

We have a chance to pack the court with staunch, rock-ribbed Constitutionalists.

Wouldn't that be awesome to begin an American restoration?

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

A huge loss for this Country, he is irreplaceable. We are all going to find out the real METL of the gopE real soon.


V. said...

This woman is a moron. Justice Scalia leaves very big boots to fill; he was truly a great man, and a great American. May he rest in peace.

Doom said...

Hmm? Oh, that is terrible. However, at least they are honest. As many Republicans go against everything this man stood for, and against America, yet praise him in public? I would rather have hateful, yet honest, enemies that the whole Republican party. Ten to one they will pass a nomination just as fast as they can, Republicans, just to keep us fucking peasants in our place.

commoncents said...

Live Streaming - GOP Presidential Debate:

Frodus said...

Jeez, this couldn't have happened at worse time. Scalia was the best by far, he had a major impact on me over the years.

He was so in love with the Constitution it made me jealous.

Lunarman said...

I was deeply saddened by Justice Scalias sudden passing and am extraordinarily concerned. Despite Mitch McConnells statement, I have zero faith in the establishment to do the right thing and resist Obamas coming onslaught for his nominee to be passed. Obama would make significant progress on his dream of fundamentally transforming what remains of our republic if he is able to get a nominee through.

Unlike you Doug, Trump will never "earn" my vote. I'll give it to him, but I'll hold my nose like I did for McCain and Romney. All his supporters ought to remember when Trump proclaimed that his "sister would be a phenomenal" supreme court justice. Really? This is the candidate they support? Jesus wept.

Unknown said...

It would be the very definition of insanity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice that would satisfy the barbarian horde that these hysterics are a part of.

These are the type of people that will moan with pleasure when they put the yokes and shackles on.

Frodus said...

A temp appointment by Obama would cost the Dimms seats in the next election, I sure their game to the consequences of such a move. They want control back and that kind of end run would be a major rallying point for the right.

If Mitch McConnell plays his cards right on this it could be a major rallying point and major fund raising ploy to gain even more seats. But that's a big "IF"

They seem to just want to not create any waves before the next election, get along mentality.