Friday, January 29, 2016

Larwyn’s Linx: How the FBI Could Force DOJ to Prosecute Hillary Clinton

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How the FBI Could Force DOJ to Prosecute Hillary Clinton: Jim Geraghty
The Issue of Trump: Bill Whittle
IRS’s new ethics chief once ordered that records be illegally destroyed: Unyielding

Vote Cruz in Iowa as if the Republic Depends on It: David Limbaugh
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…and attack Ted Cruz comes with a huge long term price: DTG

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Huckabee and Santorum End Their Campaigns and Kneel Before Zod: Erick Erickson
'They are burning money': Donors unhappy with Jeb Bush's lavish spending: Insider


48.9% of Union Members Worked for Government in 2015: CNS
Trump -- debt creator and bailout-backer: Exam
Details and Analysis of Senator Bernie Sanders’s Tax Plan: Tax Foundation

Scandal Central

Trump’s "Pro-Vet" Website Gives Heavily to the Clintons: Chuck Ross
The Death Of Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum: Herschel Smith
An Open Letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Governor Kate Brown: Stop Shouting

Why Hillary’s EmailGate Matters: John R. Schindler
Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare: Hint -- it's not Bernie Sanders: Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
FBI's Hillary Clinton email investigation not letting up: Julian Hattem


MoveOn video slamming 'Bernie's skeptics' reaches 3.3M in ONE DAY: Paul Bedard
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Former Mizzou president pens scathing tell-all letter: Chris Nuelle
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Iran Shows the U.S. Who’s in Charge: Robert Spencer
If You Complain About Refugees, Dutch Cops Will Come to Your House: Daniel Greenfield
COEXIST: Cologne carnival hands out leaflets telling migrants not to rape women: DailyMail

Where's the Coverage? Israeli Women Being Murdered by Terrorists: CAMERA
Sweden to Deport 80,000 Refugees: Alexa Lardieri
Iran Claims to Have Chased Off US Missile Cruiser: Daniel Greenfield

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Report: 7-Year-Old Children Mining Cobalt for Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung Products: Kit O'Connell
How to Discover a Galaxy with a Telephoto Lens: Patchen Barss
Are we thinking about artificial intelligence all wrong?: Troy K. Schneider


Submission Thy Name is Islam: MOTUS
Mansion prices hit new highs in super-rich enclaves: Robert Frank
Levin: Here's why Trump is skipping tonight’s debate: Scop

Image: Are we thinking about artificial intelligence all wrong?
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QOTD: "As Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton had access to a wide array of government-supplied communications systems, ranging from lightly encrypted to deeply so, at varying levels of classification, all intended to protect our nation’s secrets. She chose not to use them, and it’s not Hillary Clinton who’s paying the price for that.

All this angers Americans with experience in our military and intelligence services who understand what Ms. Clinton and her staff did—and that they would be held to far harsher standards for attempting anything similar. They know that brave Americans have given their lives protecting Top Secret Codeword information. They know that in every American embassy around the world, our diplomatic outposts that worked for Hillary Clinton, Marine guards have standing orders to fight to the death to protect the classified information that’s inside those embassies. That Hillary Clinton gave similar information away, by choice, is something she needs to explain if she expects to be our next Commander-in-Chief." --John R. Schindler


Anonymous said...

The Governor of Oregon must be recalled. The State over-reacted, and a boycott of Oregon is in order.

commoncents said...

Full Video - 7th GOP Debate, Fox News-Google Republican Presidential Debate Jan. 28, 2016 - Iowa

Anonymous said...

For anyone West of the Mississippi who wonders about the events in Oregon, I would commend the movie "Lonely are the Brave" with Kirk Douglas. For those East of the great river with scrapple for brains, you still might not "get it".