Saturday, July 02, 2016

FBI, SHMEFF BEE EYE: Hillary Quite Certain That the Fix Is In

They don't call it the "Clinton News Network" for nothin':

It's time to stop the Clinton Crime Family once and for all.

If Trump is the weapon, so be it.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

No justice, no peace.

Anonymous said...

The fish rots from the head down. This fish has a very big head. What kind of FBI agent has such little integrity that they will continue to work for the agency?


Anonymous said...

One thing everyone needs to understand: once Hillary does not get indicted, you're not going to see this wished-for mass exodus of FBI agents resigning in protest. The FBI is a government organization, dominated by bureaucratic and political reality. The average FBI agent is like most government employees. Regardless of whatever idealism prompted him to originally sign up, by the time he reaches mid-career, he's now just trying to make a living in a job that is more interesting than most, occasionally involves doing something significantly good, but is attractive mainly because it pays really well, gives the employee significant status, and has great retirement. No one is going to give that up just to "make a statement" because they know that no one that matters will even hear that statement or care about it. They'll stay in and tolerate Hillary for 4 or 8 years just as they've tolerated Obama.

A significant number of them (the ambitious) will eagerly embrace Hillary because that will help their careers.

A tiny, insignificant number of FBI agents may quietly resign a few years earlier than they had originally planned because of their disgust with this investigation, and you might even have one or two at higher levels "resign in protest," but that's highly unlikely. They'll need to find work outside the Bureau, and they won't be able to do that if the Clintons blackball then. Like all the Generals during the Obama years that haven't resigned, they rationalize it to themselves by thinking that it's better for them to remain in and "have some influence" than to resign in protest and lose influence. Deep in their hearts, they know that's not true (they don't have any influence--they get to stay as long as they continue to do what they're told), but it's what they tell themselves to make it possible for them to continue to serve a president that is demonstrably harming the military.

Even if you do have some resignations, it'll be good for Hillary. It's all part of the perverse Darwinism of liberal bureaucratic evolution, in which the least capable, most easily manipulated, and ruthless members of the bureaucracy survive and rise to the top. If a number of existing FBI agents with high integrity quit in disgust, that just creates more openings for new FBI agents who better fit the mold. At the lower levels, instead of confident, capable men who will go out and do great things, you'll get simpering millennials who will need micromanagement and will be easy to influence on their way up. At the mid-levels, the survivors will be the real players who know exactly how to please their political masters (such as Lois Lerner in the IRS). At the upper levels, you'll have direct Hillary cronies. This is what has already happened under Obama, and the trend will only accelerate under Hillary.

Those who stay in after her non-indictment will have identified themselves as willing accomplices in the rigged game, and will be increasingly easier to compromise in the future. Those who leave will only make room for people better able and willing to prosper in the Hillary version of the FBI. Either way, it moves the Bureau closer to what Hillary wants/needs from her FBI, which is 1) to NOT investigate anyone connected to her and her cronies 2) be ready and willing to investigate anyone else Hillary and cronies identify as enemies.

Anonymous said...

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