Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The people who scream the loudest about racism; Barak X

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The people who scream the loudest about racism: Rotten Chestnuts
The Sound and the Fury: Stuart Schneiderman
Why Dallas Cops Should Turn Their Backs on President Obama: Be Shapiro

Barak X: The Z Man
Houston Official Calls for Segregation: Bob Price
Obama’s response to Dallas? Gun control and a 21st Century Gestapo: David Leach

Here Are 35 Email Lies Hillary Is Still Telling On Her Campaign Website: Chuck Ross
Majority of Americans Think Clinton Should be Criminally Charged: JWF
USA: Where the street signs have changed to Arabic: SPEISA

Ex Intel Head Gen. Michael Flynn Fired for "My Stand on Radical Islamism": PPD
No joke: Trump might have to rig the convention to win: Amanda Carpenter
The War on Cops: Thomas Sowell

The Profound Racism of 'Black Lives Matter': John Perazzo
IL Man Drives Through #BlackLivesMatter Mob Blocking Road : Jim Hoft
Baltimore descends into chaos thanks to city’s failure to back the police: Paul Mirengoff


Ex-Hill staffer takes on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell: Rachel Bovard

Scandal Central

4chan Drops 90 Page Investigative Report on the Clinton Foundation: Steemit
Trumpocalpse and other DNC plans for the GOP convention in July: Guccifer2
Judge: Hillary, you got 'til tomorrow to explain why you shouldn't have to testify in Huma case: DailyMail

Mom of Idaho rape victim: ‘We’re being treated as criminals’: Leo Hohmann
Grilling Over Clinton in Store for Attorney General Lynch Tuesday: GretaWire
A New Clinton Scandal Awaits: The Horn News

Climate, Energy & Regulations

GOP Platform Committee Wants Feds To Turn Fed Lands Over To States ASAP: TPM


Oops, We Started a Race War!: Gavin McInnes
The New York Times And The Left Have Blood On Their Hands: Dennis Prager
LA Times Censors Mom's Respect for Police From BLM Story: Patterico

Watch Dallas Police Chief Destroy Jake Tapper When Asked About Gun Control: Bob Owens
Attention, All White People: Patriot Retort
Terror in the Skies: Feminist Busybody Flips Out After United Pilot Calls Women ‘Pretty’: JWF


The Great Arab Implosion and Its Consequences: Ofir Haivry
Half of Muslim Sex Attackers in Germany Came Because of Merkel: Daniel Greenfield
South China Sea: U.N. Tribunal Rules Against China: Stratfor

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tesla Model X goes off the road and crashes in Montana, driver blames the Autopilot: Fred Lambert
A 'slow catastrophe' unfolds as the golden age of antibiotics comes to an end: Melissa Healy
Verizon’s 5G wireless will be Google Fiber in your pocket: Chris Mills


Black Guy Mocking ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Facebook Goes Super-Viral!: Sooper
Balls. Big Ones.: Feral Irishman
Clinton Foundation Memes: sli.mg

Image: Banana Republics and the Nuts Who Run Them
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QOTD: "Hillary Clinton is on 219 days and counting since her last press conference." --Conservative Review

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