Saturday, July 16, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Bring It On; Perhaps radical Islam...isn't

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Bring It On: Robert Gore
Perhaps radical Islam...isn't: Mike Ford
LA Times: Our Stupid Lying Poll Shows Trump With Lead Over Our Beloved Empress: Ace

Trump-Pence Is a Winner for the GOP: Lawrence Kudlow
How Obama Divides America: David Harsanyi
With America Torn To Shreds By Division, We’ve Hit Rock-Bottom: Susan Brown

Why All The Jihadi Attacks? Why Now?: Christopher W. Holton
Ted Cruz Rips Obama’s Feckless Response To Terrorism With Truth Bomb: Susan Wright
Police Weep As They Learn What French Hostages Were Forced To Do: RWN

Clinton Foundation Corruption Should Be Next for the FBI: Michael Sainato
The Planned Parenthood Investigation: One Year Later : Alexandra Desanctis
BLM Activists: Dead ‘White People’ in France Stealing Our Limelight: Shifra


Illegal Immigrants Get More Food Stamp Benefits Than Poor American Citizens: ZH

Scandal Central

Saudi With Terror Ties Checked Security At US Border In 1999: Chuck Ross
Newly Declassified 28 Pages Reveal ‘Dry Run’ Two Years Before 9/11 Attacks: Jon Street
Democrat AGs Targeting Climate ‘Dissenters’ Tied to Environmental Groups?: Kevin Mooney

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Low Energy: The Z Man
Britain Abolishes Pernicious Department of Energy and Climate Change: MB
The Sound Of Settled Science: SDA


Hillary Clinton's Crisis of Character: Elise Cooper
Refugees, What The Media And TPTB Want You To Believe vs. Reality...: Feral Irishman
Guilty as Hill: Intellectual Froglegs

Survivors relive Bastille Day bloodbath: DailyMail
Oh The Irony: UAE Media Runs AP Story Critical of NYPD Intelligence Ops: TTB
'Ghostbusters' (2016) Review: Racist, Man-Hating Mediocrity: John Nolte


Turkish Army coup bid crumbles, at least 265 killed: MFS-TON
Letter from Istanbul: how Turkey’s coup failed: Rose Asani
France: The Coming Civil War: Yves Mamou

“Machete attack” foiled at Nice vigil where mourners were praying for dead: Robert Spencer
Terrorist depressed about break-up of marriage? Police arrest Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel's ex-wife: DailyMail
Blame the Truck.. Not The Driver...: Feral Irishman

Don't Just Feel: Do Something: Stuart Schneiderman
Anger in France over Nice attack focuses on apparently lax security: WaPo
Black Lives Matter Spreads to South Africa: MB

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Pokemon Go Zombies: Douglas V. Gibbs
Google deletes artist’s blog and a decade of his work along with it: Ethan Chief
Giant Spider Roams The Streets: Jenny List


Turkey Drop**: MOTUS
5 stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare - 2016 Edition: A Two Front Assault on America: Stop Shouting
The 18 robot battle royal is a thing of beauty [video]: Alltop

Image: Letter from Istanbul: how Turkey’s coup failed
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QOTD: "French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and other French politicians appear to be sounding a defeatist note in France’s war against terror.

Senator Nathalie Goulet called the Islamist massacre are a “nightmare” , despite the “secure” nature of Nice.

Sen Goulet remarked “The question is: are we able to prevent it. And my answer would be, unfortunately no.”

To many, this is indeed unfortunate – coming from a leading politician in charge of the Foreign Affairs and security Committee.

Worse was the extraordinary choice of words by Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who said that France must “learn to live with terrorism”." --Louise Mensch

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