Thursday, July 21, 2016

CRUZ AND TRUMP: Standing Up to a Bully

To paraphrase Kurt Schlichter, "I am not an official passenger on the Trump train. To the extent I am riding along it's as a hobo."

I'm not #NeverTrump, I'm #NeverHillary.

With that said, the great Stuart Schneiderman has an excellent bit today at his blog regarding the Cruz RNC kerfuffle. The key graphs:

Put yourself in Cruz's shoes (cue the beat box, 'cause that rhymes). Your rival slams you repeatedly as a serial liar, insults your wife over and over again, and claims your father killed Kennedy. All on national TV.

Oh, but I'm sure you'd overlook all of that and genuflect to the bully.

Cruz said to vote your conscience. My conscience tells me to vote for Trump. And I suspect most right-thinking Americans will as well.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

I was a ardent Cruz suppoter right yp till the end. The discourse between Trump and Cruz got way out of hand and way too personal, especially when family members were dragged into it. Cruz didnt start the fight, Trump did.

Having said that, Cruz shouldve never accepted the invitation to speak at the convention. What he did was inexcusable and probably destroyed any future plans. He accepted the invitation, showed up and shitted on the buffet table. He shouldve boycotted the place like all the others did.

Milwaukee said...

Sorry Senator Cruz. Stopping Hilary and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation is more important than your wife's honor, or your father's honor. Why was he pals with Lee Harvey Oswold?

Eskyman said...

Yeah, it's nice when you make a promise, but the other guy is impolite, that always releases you from your promise, right?

Wrong. Cruz was called Lyin' Ted because he IS a huge liar. It's now obvious why he has no friends in the Congress! He is a quisling whose pledge is worth nothing.

Also, his pledge- his word of honor- was not to Donald Trump, it was to his own Republican party and to the GOP voters. He lied to US, not Donald Trump!

The only ones I feel sorry for are his poor children, who only wanted a loving Dad. They got this reptile in human form instead, along with his Goldman-Sachs undercover globalist wife.

For decent people in a decent family, look to the Trumps!

Elucidate This said...

I think you got the order of who said what wrong. Trump did not fire the first shot. Cruz did. Cruz opened the door and then didn't like what he saw coming at him. Look at all of what's occurred and you will find Trump NEVER drew first blood. It's way too convenient to forget who said what first.

directorblue said...

@Elucidate This: link please --- would love to see where Cruz called Trump a liar, tarred his wife, and blitzed his parents.

Anonymous said...

I should probably apologize in advance. Anytime you say something while you're still angry, you'll probably regret it. But I won't because I'm still mad as h. e. double ell right now.

You wanna see Old Ez blow up and lose it? Just spit on me or touch my head. OR START THAT MORAL REVISIONIST BULLSHIT TO JUSTIFY EVIL OR WEAKNESS. Without moral revisionism most of the country couldn't get by living a lie. From the radical leftists to the corrupt establishment to the Islamic and Charismatic "liars for God", moral revisionism is destroying our country.

Some cops are bad and shoot people, does that justify you shooting cops? A lot of black gang=bangers shoot people at the slightest provocation, and sometimes just because they're bored. Does that give you license to shoot black gang=bangers cause they cut you off in traffic? You put a dollar in the meter and got back early, but the city still ticketed you and made you pay a fine. Does mean you get to steal from the city now? Think the judge will agree? You caught your wife looking at another man. Does that mean you should go out and commit adultery? Do you think the wife and your kids would agree? What do you think God will think about it come Judgment Day?

Trump didn't use any tactic that wasn't unavailable to Cruz. Doesn't matter that Cruz might not like to or want to use a certain tactic just like a baseball team playing "small ball", using technically legal but generally considered dirty tactics. Doesn't matter if you don't like the tactics. They were legal and available for you to use. IT WAS A FAIR CONTEST.

As far as Ted being "allowed" to be a worthless sob and break his word AND HIS CONTRACT because Trump was "bullying him", if Ted is not man enough to take some harsh words from a political opponent, how could anyone believe that he would be man enough to stand up to Putin or the Chinese or even the Mexican politicians?

So basically, Kurt Schlichter, Stuart Schneiderman, and you are saying that Ted should get a bye on his word AND HIS CONTRACT because Ted is to too big of a puss to take up for himself? And that is supposed to be a DEFENSE of Ted?

And for the record; There are some people you just don't mess with. This whole thing started when the tape of Cruz back=biting Trump in private to his donors was released. It escalated outta control when a group of people working with Ted, with present and former associations with Ted, and sponsored by Ted's donors attacked Trumps wife, who unlike Ted's wife, was not at that time actively working the campaign trail. All Ted had to do was do the right thing and condemn the attack to stop the escalation, but he refused.

About the being called a liar thing; hey, if you get caught telling as many as Ted did, you should refer to yourself as a liar and not expect others to have to do it for you.

Did Trump go too far in his responses? Yeah he did. It shows a serious character flaw that worries me.

But does that absolve Ted Cruz of his personal responsibility, and quite frankly, being such a sore loser? Not in his lifetime OR a New York minute.

It's hard to believe I started this Primary leaning strongly towards Ted. Now I would honestly vote for ANY ONE of the 17 before Ted. Yes, even Bush...

Old Ez