Sunday, July 17, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric

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New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric: Chuck Ross
“Hope And Change” Becomes “Death And Destruction”: Cliff Kincaid
House Conservatives Explain Latest IRS Chief Impeachment Push: Philip Wegmann

US asks judge to delay decision on Hillary Clinton email deposition: Financial Express
Clinton Lawyer Rips Judicial Watch For Asking to Depose Her: Rachel Stockman
Facebook posts and pictures further claims of Trump, Establishment alliance: Robert Eno

28 Pages Suggest Huma Abedin-Connected Group Funded Terrorism: Lee Stranahan
Bill Could Automatically Register 50 Million To Vote: Jacquie Lee and Mercy Yang
Dear Sanders Supporters: Don’t Kill Your Revolution by Voting for Hillary: Nick Bernabe

Reeling from Falling Polls, Paul Ryan Floods District with Deceptive Mailers: Julia Hahn
Mike Pence on Fox News Explains Why He's Running With Donald Trump: RightPundit
Obama Admin Cuts Off Law Enforcement Funding to DNC Host Philadelphia: Brent Scher


Where Books Are All But Nonexistent: Alia Wong
In Time There May Be a Place for Us: Brent Smith
Loving Money More Than Your Children: Captain Capitalism

Scandal Central

State Department Purged Emails About Secret Anti-Netanyahu Campaign: Adam Kredo
Panic prompted ObamaCare lawlessness: Doug Badger
The FBI's least wanted: ArkansasOnline

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Bangladesh stops open defecation in just over a decade: Julhas Alam


Hillary’s First Priority If She Wins? To Shut Up Her Critics: John Hinderaker
How an iPhone defeated the tanks in Turkey: David Hearst
NYT: Muslims Don’t Kill French People, Trucks Do: Steve Sailer

Paris At War: Media Silent: OYOI
Detective: Forget Gun Control; Focus on Criminal Control: AWR Hawkins
Cory Batey sentenced to 15 years in Vanderbilt rape case: Stacey Barchenger


First Nice, Then Turkey: Richard Fernandez
Surprise in the News: WeaponsMan
Why Turkey’s Coup d’État Failed: Instapundit

Turkey threatens war with America over cleric blamed for masterminding failed coup: Express
Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults B61 Nuclear Bombs: ZH
US would consider extradition request for exiled cleric: Fox

Nice Terror Attack Stopped by Civilian Jumping into Truck: Breitbart
Daniel Pipes: - Europe is in for a rough ride: SPEISA
Expert warns Islam in Austria is anti-Western: Soeren Kern

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Geller: “Feds authorize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to censor ‘anti-Islamic’ speech — It’s sharia”: Ezra Levant
When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Pokemon Go: WeaponsMan
To Fight a Virus, Get a Virus: Military Bets on Mutant Pathogen: Doni Bloomfield


The USS Indianapolis (CA-35) A New Article: Walt Mow
Damned If I Know: MOTUS
I Have A Plan To Use Pokemon Go As A Tool To Kill ISIS: 90 Miles From Tyranny

Image: Turkey detains about 6,000 linked to failed coup
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QOTD: "There can be but little doubt that Turkey will be in upheaval for some time, no matter how things shake out in Ankara. There is even less doubt that ISIS and al-Qaeda are putting out an all-points bulletin to jihadis to converge on Turkey to exploit the situation there. This is but the first detonation, following on Nice. More alas is likely to come.

The last 48 hours have blown the hinges off NATO's southern door. The European Union was relying on Turkey to stand between it and the chaos of Syria. Now the wall is threatening to collapse on Frau Merkel. The chaos she sought to keep at bay may have moved one country closer to the heart of Europa, a Europa which the French security failure suggests is defenseless against the fire which it, itself, has started within its borders." --Richard Fernandez

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