Monday, July 11, 2016

CLINTON FOUNDATION RESEARCH: List of Hillary Clinton's Paid Speeches @ClintonFdn @HillaryClinton

The invaluable Charles Ortel, who helped expose General Electric's financial shenanigans in 2008, is investigating the Clinton Foundation. He points us to a recent AMA ("Ask Me Anything") thread on 4Chan regarding the Foundation with answers provided by a purported FBI whistleblower.

In short, the AMA interviewee cautions Americans not to focus on the email server; the real crimes (alleged treasonous crimes) relate to the Foundation: "...links between the Clintons and human trafficking networks, selling state secrets and using the Clinton Foundation to launder the money, and assassinations".

Yes, it's hard to verify all of this information and the interviewee throws in some gratuitious racist-slash-conspiracist nonsense (perhaps to avoid blowing his cover), but independent investigators appear to have mobilized around the 4chan thread and have assembled a roughly 90-page data dump on the Clinton Foundation. This is a living document and work is in progress.

Among the gems found therein are a list of Hillary Clinton's speaking engagements:

You can read the 90-page report on the Clinton Foundation here. I also recommend following @CharlesOrtel on Twitter.

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