Sunday, July 24, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Clinton Campaign Freaking Out as Trump Leads in Polls

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Clinton Campaign Freaking Out as Trump Leads in Polls: Regated
DNC strips Wasserman Schultz of convention speaking slot: Anna Giaritelli
Tim Kaine Wanted Hillary Clinton Prosecuted for Email Felonies: Meet the Press

Clinton Crime Family tried to bury Bern: Howie Carr
Kaine: Wrong and rude on Iran and Israel: Rich Baehr
Kaine accepted clothes, vacation as gifts: Isaac Arnsdorf

Moms Who Lost Kids to Illegals to Rally at Wall Around Paul Ryan's Home: Julia Hahn
Sanders Calls for Wasserman Schultz to Resign in Wake of Email Leaks: Hayley Walker
Clinton aide claims Russians hacked DNC to help Trump: Exam

Wikileaks leaked DNC Playbook: Link Donald Trump to KKK: Bluegrass Pundit
The Restoration: The Z Man
The Republican Party doesn’t have a future without Ted Cruz: Jen Kuznicki


The Reality Behind the Student Debt “Crisis”: James Pethokoukis

Scandal Central

15 FBI Findings and Why It’s Not All About Hillary: Sharyl Attkisson
Twitter accused of suppressing DNC Wikileaks story: Rudy Takala
Twitter users erupt: trending hashtag #DNCLeaks censored: Douglas Ernst

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Hottest ever June? Jury’s still out: Paul Homewood


Collusion between CNN-Jake Tapper and Clinton campaign from #DNCLeak: FAM
NBC News’ Chuck Todd responds after being named in #DNCLeak email: Twitchy
Chuck Todd blocking people on Twitter for exposing his roll in #DNCLeaks: FAM

DNC Wikileaks hack reveals CNN in bed with Dems: Lee Cary
Twitter has a history of censoring hashtags critical of Hillary. #DNCLeak: Vocativ
Why Obama’s half-brother says he’ll be voting for Donald Trump: Isabel Vincent


It Is the Duty of Muslims to Speak Out: Majid Rafizadeh
ISIS Suicide bombers target opposition, leaving at least 61 dead and 210 wounded: DailyMail
Two attacks mark new violent chapter for Germany: Kim Hjelmgaard

Paris Subway: “Typical” Scene w Muslims Chanting & Shouting Allah Akbar: Tammy Bruce
Angela Merkel backlash: Fury erupts at German leader amid Munich shooting rampage: Express
Islamism Rises from Europe's Secularism: Giulio Meotti

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Biggest Solar System Ever Found Is Very, Very Big: Sarah Fecht
Ghost towns: images of abandoned cities: John Kennedy
40,000-year-old rope-making tool found in famed German cave: HistoryBlog


Back To Our Roots (I hope that’s not considered a microaggresion): MOTUS
Free Global Broadcast of ‘Clinton Cash’ Documentary Online at Breitbart
Keep ’em, Canada: Jonn Lilyea

Image: #BernieMustDisavow
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "[Media] content is so rigidly controlled today that in a way the fourth estate has now become nothing more than an institution of the government restricted to publishing and advancing White House directives and Democrat policy agendas. The role that the press plays is to make clear to the American people what the Obama adminstration is doing, why the adminstration is doing it, and why it is forced to act in a certain way. Of course, as we have become accustom to hearing, the Obama adminstration is always forced to “act in a certain way” because of the “obstructionist” Republicans. The effect of this is to demonize the Republican party to the point of capitulation. This formula for “reporting” by the press encompasses every single issue advocated by the Obama adminstration and the Democrat party...

...with the media pushing the Democrats agenda and carrying weight for the Obama adminstration on not only gun control but issues ranging from Illegal immigration to Islamic terrorism, it is worth recalling the following statement delivered by Joseph Goebbels during his first official press conference as the head of the Third Reich’s Propaganda Ministry on March 15, 1933. Goebbels, whom turned press conferences into secret meetings where the Propaganda Ministry would pass on detailed instructions to selected journalists, supplying articles to be printed verbatim or used as the basis for reports stated the following to the journalists, “You are to know not only what is happening, but also the government’s view of it and how you can convey that to the people most effectively.” That they were not to convey or print any view in opposition to the regime did not need to be said. This applies to our own press today." --Politically Short


Anonymous said...

Doug, I know you're a very sharp guy. And as best I can gather over the inter-webs, of fine up-standing character.

So I was kinda surprised see the piece from Jen Kuznicki linked without some hint that you meant it as parody link. I mean, she REALLY borrows erroneous fallacies from disparate/desperate sources and mangles them into a whole new illogicality.

But she missed a golden opportunity of comedic gold by not praising him for being the lone Republican seen with almost all of Democratic leadership, then days later telling the GOP convention to "Vote Your Conscience!", followed by Hillary saying "Vote Your Conscience!" the next day, and Democrat/Communist protesters slapping "Vote Your Conscience!" on signs the day after.

Seriously, telling us all Ted Cruz was the future of the GOP while appearing to collude with the Democrats/Communists to throw the election would been pure comedic gold!

She may never have another opportunity that good again!

Old Ez

Anonymous said...

BTW, loved you're Zman link. Might not have absolutely agreed with everything in it, but this one line was brilliant!

"The death rattle of every mass movement is when they begin to turn all their efforts to rule making and enforcement."

It's not been unsaid or unnoticed before, but I really like how Zman put it.

According to Zman's Law there, the Old School Way of conducting American politics is dying out. The Communist/Radical Left is going first and is gasping it's last breaths now. (of course that means that now is when it's the most desperate and dangerous) Black Lives Matter is a perfect example. They are already deeply advanced into the death rattle of Zmans Law. They're already spending huge chunks of their time and effort on rule making and enforcement. Won't be long now...

I'll try to add a formula to Zmans Law later. Maybe by Observation we can validate or discard it.

Good link. Thx Doug!

Old Ez

Anonymous said...

"Seriously, telling us all Ted Cruz was the future of the GOP while appearing to collude with the Democrats/Communists to throw the election would been pure comedic gold!"

Where's your proof that Cruz did this? If Trump doesn't stop these nasty attacks on Ted Cruz then I won't be the only Cruz supporter NOT VOTING FOR TRUMP. Got it?

Anonymous said...

LoL! Threatening! Really? LoL!

Notice the sentence said "appearing to". Most likely this was just the Democrats using Cruz as a useful idiot, i.e., being in the wrong place with the wrong crowd just shortly before he says something stupid at the convention that can easily be co-opted by the Democrats and Commies (but I repeat myself there).

Cruz was at Dallas after the shootings and a picture has been splashed across the internet of Cruz, only Republican in sight, standing with Obama, Pelosi, and one or two other prominent Dems, and I forget who else because I didn't really care. I believe it appeared to be on a set of airplane off=ramp steps or maybe an escalator. Something was said about a meeting with some of them. Who cares.

Then a few days later, Ted makes his ill advised "Vote Your Conscience!" remark in front of millions at the convention. Next day, Clinton repeats it. The day after that, someone takes a shot of some Dem/Commie protesters and at least one of the signs is Ted's slogan, "Vote Your Conscience!" and splashes that photo across the webs.

Put all that together and either Ted is colluding to throw the election or most likely, the Dems decided that this was too good of an opportunity to pass up and decided to play poor Ted for a fool by making it appear as if he was probably colluding to throw the election to Hillary. A sneaky, dishonest attempt at getting uninformed Ted supporters to think Ted was basically endorsing her. I'll go with the latter based on Dem history alone. A snake's gonna bite and a Dem's gonna lie and cheat. It's just their nature.

If you wanna see it all yourself, go search Breitbart or Gateway Pundit or any number of other sites. Ain't my job to keep people informed enough to vote.

If people wanna help Hillary win, they can be my guest. I ain't begging them or succumbing to emotional blackmail. The Dems will cheat so much that if Trump doesn't win by a landslide a handful of Ted fanatics not voting won't make a difference.

I just thought that it would be ironically and sarcastically funny if Jen Kuznicki had added the APPEARANCE of throwing the election to the opposition (which was hopefully, no surely, a setup by the Dems) as one of her reasons Ted was the future of the GOP. It would have made as much sense as her other justifications.

I'll just give her the benefit of the doubt here and say that either she is a comedic genius or this was just not her best thought out work.

Hey, nobody's perfect or bats a thousand every game. There's always tomorrow and the next article!

Old Ez