Friday, July 22, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Trump accepts nomination, tells ordinary Americans 'I am your voice'

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Trump accepts nomination, tells ordinary Americans 'I am your voice': Gabby Morrongiello
It's Peter Thiel's Republican Party Now... Or Should Be: Roger L. Simon
Pastor Mark Burns Rocks It, Shouts All Lives Matter To Yells And Cheers: Caleb Howe

Homeland Security Committee: US Top Target for ISIS Terror Plots: Jeannette Richard
Dutch leader Geert Wilders at GOP convention backing Trump: Art Moore
In a Party Filled With Cowards, Cruz Stood Apart: David Harsanyi

Trump Used Cruz to Pull Off Unity: EIB
Cruz Doubles Down, Says He Can't Support a Guy Who Insulted His Wife: Ace
Hillary Clinton's Top VP Pick Lets Big Banks Know He's in Their Corner: Deirdre Fulton

More than a speech: How Cruz destroyed the `lesser of two evils' meme: Daniel Horowitz
Standing Up to a Bully: Stuart Schneiderman
Why I Am Not a Cruzite: Mona Charen

Look At These 6 Democrats Who Plagiarized: Twitchy
Former Federal Prosecutor Suing Obama, Sharpton for Fueling Race War: Colorado FOP
Can America afford to have a ceremonial president?: Jonah Goldberg


A Very Depressing Chart on Creeping Cronyism in the American Economy: Dan Mitchell
Fauxcahontas, Er, Liz Warren Wants US Postal Service to Handle Private Payday Lending: Shifra
Assortative Relocation Continues with Mossberg and possibly Stag: WeaponsMan

Scandal Central

Surprise: Obama HUD secretary won’t be punished for breaking the law: Doug Powers
FBI Declared Mateen “NOT” to be a Terrorist: JW
Labor Secretary Misrepresented Grandfather’s Ties to Dominican Dictator: Victoria Stroup

Climate, Energy & Regulations

‘Quintessential Insider Deal’: Taxpayers Finance Family Ties of 2 Failing Green Companies: Kevin Mooney


The Grey Lady Wises Up to Renewables’ Shortcomings: AmInt
Levin: 'If Trump loses, this will be the moment that sealed his fate': Phil Shiver
Fox News Beats Network News Coverage of RNC Night 2 in the Ratings: Mediate

Dems: 'We're panicked': Paul Bedard
Poll: Trump, Clinton tied in battleground of Ohio: Lisa Hagen
Clinton blows through cash haul as race heats up: Isaac Arnsdorf


Attacker in Nice had help, planned attack for months: John Sexton
Carter: Incirlik power expected to be back on soon: John Vandiver
A “New German” Exercises His Right to Kill His Wife: GoV

IMF predicts inflation of 1600% for Venezuela in 2017: Follow the Money
Those Moderate NATO Members!: SDA
Obama: ‘The World Has Never Been Less Violent’: CNS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Create 3D Animations with the Stroke of a Pen: Kacey Deamer
Sick of Expensive Orthodontic Care? A Student Prints His Own for Cheap!: Lydia Mahon
Paramilitaries in Northern Ireland Manufactured Their Own, Crude Submachine Guns: Matthew Moss


Weekly Wrap-Up --- A Must-Read: Woodpile Report
Manual for Mayhem: How One Man Tried to Teach Everyday People to Make Anti-Tank Missiles: Kyle Mizokami
That’s Mighty Red, White and Blue of You: MOTUS

Image: 5 takeaways from Donald Trump's convention speech
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "During the milquetoast convention speeches this week, I was listening to the 1988 convention speech of Ronald Reagan in which he “handed off” the mantle to George H. W. Bush, a Rockefeller Republican who was disliked for years by the grassroots. Reagan masterfully summed up the accomplishments of his two terms in bringing back the country from domestic ruin and existential security threats. He then outlined some of the areas where he came up short and needed a new generation of conservatives and Republicans to expand upon his foundation. He was still talking about uprooting the entire premise of the Great Society (not just tweaking a single program) and long-term systemic reforms, such as constitutional amendments to rein in government spending and regulations. Reagan knew he couldn’t accomplish everything, but he hoped that his tenure would begin to finally cement a movement, rooted in the vehicle of the Republican Party, that would actually begin rolling back the liberal agenda.

What struck me in Reagan’s tone and substance in 1988 is that he could never have imagined that 28 years later we’d have long abandoned those fights, and that marriage would be redefined, transgenderism would be codified, religion and private property rights would be criminalized, and every aspect of the Constitution would be ruled unconstitutional. He figured that the movement he left in place would be strong enough to stand up against the relatively mild cultural and economic Marxism of his day. He never could have envisioned a party that would sit idly as the Democrats remade society and overturned every self-evident truth imaginable." --Daniel Horowitz


commoncents said...

FULL Video: Donald Trump - Republican National Convention

Anonymous said...

"Cronyism" is an important article. It is exactly what Obama meant when he said "you didn't build that, you had help". The increase of regulation accounts for many new jobs, and as the author said, much new profit - but it is all illegitimate because it elbows out small business, and honest business so only the politically connected can profit. It is Government run amok. It reduces business and the services they provide into simple, greedy profit centers. I hope to live long enough to see them all swinging from lamp posts.

Anonymous said...

Old Ez

In a run, but thought I'd share, LoL!

In todays New York Times, writer Farhad Manjoo, when speaking of Silicon Valley's displeasure of persons not straight, white, and old embracing Trump, submits the following comments;

"People here pride themselves on a kind of militant open-mindedness, It is the kind of place that will severely punish any deviations from accepted schools of thought."

LoL! The Stupid, LoL! This explains why the Times has lost all it's intelligent readers and why Silicon Valley is about to go through their bust cycle.

Big money and big publicity attract The Left like flies to manure. Big money and big publicity swoon under the the Lefts worshipful search for a master and turn Leftist themselves. Big money and big publicity losses all their attractiveness to others and go bust.

Call it "old Ez's law". Happens over and over and over... LoL!

"Mexico threatens: If Trump wins we will call back our citizens"

PLEASE Brr Fox, I, err, mean, PlEASE Dear Mexico, whatever you do, don't call back all your law-breaking illegals! I mean, poor white and black people would find jobs and you know we can't have that! Please don't take em back!

With leadership like that, no wonder they're a 3rd world cesspool.

Actual headline, no shit! Really, go look for yourself! LoL! ;

"How Harry Potter can make you HATE Donald Trump: Study finds JK Rowling books made people MORE TOLERANT and lowered their rating of Republican nominee"

The Stupid, it berns! LoL! And we in the center and on the Right have been worried about these people! The Left is where you go when you lose that last brain cell needed for critical thinking, but have just enough left to realize that you need to find a master/tyrant to worship so you can rely on them to do all your thinking for you!

The only problem is, they're too Stupid to realize that from the top; it's dumbasses all the way down...