Thursday, July 28, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Ha!---Trump Gets Hillary to Admit Her Deleted Emails Were a National Security Issue

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Trump Gets Hillary to Admit Her Deleted Emails Were a National Security Issue: Jim Hoft
Remember when Ted Kennedy asked Soviets for help defeating Reagan?: Thomas Lifson
Democrats: We can win on guns: Mike Lillis and Sarah Ferris

Obama’s Final Revenge: The Accidental Destruction of Hillary Clinton: Ben Shapiro
Nobody Is Buying Clinton’s ‘Most Qualified’ Narrative: Ashe Schow
Palestinian Flags Outnumber American Flags at Democrat National Convention: Lea Spyer

Protesters Break Through DNC Border Fence, Throw Coffin at Police: Jim Hoft
DNC Shuts Down Lights on Bernie Crowd, They Use Cell Phones in Return: Treehouse
Democrats Build Double-Wall Border Fence to Keep Out Unwanted Protesters: Bob Price

Racist, Anti-Semitic DNC Opens Convention by Denouncing Trump’s ‘Bigotry’: Larry Elder
Charges Dropped Against All Officers in Freddie Gray Case: PoliceOne
Bernie Sanders Abandons the Democrat Party: Emily Zanotti


When You Are At The Bottom, You Want Volatility: Arts Mechanical
“Everyman” Tim Kaine Tried to Raise Taxes on Beer, Wine, and Liquor: John Kartch
After tax bills hit Chicago mailboxes, some taxpayers hit roof: Andy Grimm

Scandal Central

How the Clintons Got Rich Selling Influence While Decrying Greed: Victor Davis Hanson
IRS opens investigation into Clinton Foundation activities: Sarah Westwood
Tim Kaine owes Virginians an answer: Kerry Dougherty

Hillary Is More Important Than You. That's Why You Don't Need Guns: PON
Muslim “Refugee” Who Raped Grade-School Girl Flees to Dubai Days Before Trial: Creeping
New Jersey: Mosque takes over church, quickly disrupt neighbors quality of life: Creeping


Clinton Cash: John Stossel
The New York Times: Two conflicting editorials, one cynical motive: Paul Mirengoff
DNC email scandal shows democracy's rotten and Hillary may be a crook, China state media says: Quartz

Big Media Distorts Trump’s Appeal to Russians to “Find” Hillary’s Emails: Patterico
America Can't Stand Hillary: John Hinderaker
Bloomberg Group Called Tsarnaev a Gun Victim on a List It Copied from Slate: Philip Bump


The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest: What stage has your country reached now?: BNI
Hillary’s Forgotten Egypt Catastrophe: Brendan Kirby
When a war went worldwide 75 years ago: Victor Davis Hanson

Jihadis Used Catholic Nuns as Human Shields After Beheading French Priest: Jim Hoft
Video of the doctor that was attacked in Germany by a group of bladed Muslims: Vlad Tepes
Refugee rapes a 79-year-old woman in German cemetary while she was visiting her sister’s grave: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Could be the Most Life-Like Robotic Hand Ever Developed: Futurism
Is This How Trump Will Build The Wall Cost-Effectively?: ZH
Orangutan That Mimics Human Sounds Gives Clues to the Origin of Human Speech: Hira Bashir


How Can Powerful Women Attract Men: Stuart Schneiderman
Eric “A Nation Of Cowards” Holder Wags His Finger At Trump: PCP
Stop Her!: MOTUS

Image: Democrats: We can win on guns
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