Thursday, July 14, 2016

RAW VIDEO: Aftermath of Nice Terror Attack after Truck Plows Through Crowd

Despite the extremely graphic content, it's well worth watching the aftermath of yet another Islamist terror attack, this time in the gorgeous beach resort of Nice, France.

The reason it's important to watch is that one of these bodies could be that of your mother, child, sister or brother.

This could be your friend or colleague lying bleeding and broken.

Pretending that Islamism and terror are unrelated is getting a lot of innocent people killed.

In fact, the Democrat Party holds direct responsibility for the birth of ISIS; Barack Obama's reckless announcement that he would abandon Iraq created a power vacuum that became yet another Islamist terror group.

Because one would have to assume that this is simply one more example of the "faithful" exercising their freedom of "religion", when said religion is actually a militant political ideology that tolerates nothing but its own.

Reports that the truck had a COEXIST bumper-sticker on it could not be confirmed at press time.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News

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Anonymous said...

The decision to abandon Iraq was also the decision to allow ISIS to gain control of oil fields producing hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. Lots of this money has been used and will be used to fund attacks all over the world.