Thursday, July 07, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Thug-ocracy; We Don't Trust Our Institutions Because They Won't Pursue Crooks Like Hillary

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Thug-ocracy: The Z Man
We Don't Trust Institutions Because They Won't Pursue Crooks Like Hillary: The Federalist
AG Lynch accepts FBI recommendation to clear Clinton of wrongdoing: Sarah Westwood

House GOP to Promote Muslim Brotherhood, Gun Control this Week: Daniel Horowitz
Will California ever thrive again?: Victor Davis Hanson
The Day the Rule of Law Died: Michael Walsh

What Are You Going To Do About It?: Robert Gore
America's Last Election: Politically Short
The Department of Political Justice: Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Pro-Trump RNC member: 700 delegates are anti-Trump, 900 more are “in play”: Hot Air
Trump Campaign: $51M Haul in June: LifeZette
Hillary Clinton’s Negatives Complicate Ties Down the Ballot: Peter Nicholas


The Blue Shift of the New England Professoriate: Sam Abrams
See How Your Senators Voted on Sanctuary Cities: Kelsey Harkness
Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Billion-Dollar Losses: Veronique De Rugy

Scandal Central

Comey’s FBI Helped Convict Navy Reservist who “Handled Classified Materials Inappropriately”: JW
Clinton’s emails weren’t just highly sensitive. They were federal government property: Ezra Levant
Republicans turn up the heat on the Feds as they summon Comey and Lynch: DailyMail

Bracken: Coward Comey Takes a Dive: WRSA
Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ : Fellowship
Hacked Email Shows Democrat Party to Spend $800,000 to Disrupt RNC and Harass Delegates: GWP


The Virtue of Restraint: Stuart Schneiderman
Watch: RNC undercuts Clinton's email defense with brutal new ad: Gabby Morrongiello
Here's the moment a Rolling Stone author knew her gang-rape story was complete bull: Ashe Schow

When Gun Nuts Lie: Herschel Smith
Dana Perino rips Hillary in awesome Twitter rant: Scoop
Former Asst FBI Director: ‘Something fishy going on’ about the way FBI dropped Hillary charges: BPR

Chicago on the Brink: Heather Mac Donald
Rush Interviews Former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy on the Clinton Scandal: EIB
How Comey Wrote Trump’s Acceptance Speech: Lee Cary


AOSHQ: YouTube’s Video Ban Proves Rich Higgins Right: CounterJihad
Some Of Hamas' Terror Tunnel Entrances Are Under Mosques: Matt Vespa
The Rape Capital of Europe?: Bruce Cornibe

What Has Islam to Do With Medina?: CounterJihad
Released Gitmo Detainee Goes Missing in Latin America: Michael Cutler
Two tweets that show Americans for Peace Now is clueless: Elder of Ziyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

EMC’s Hidden Gem - and Why No One Is Talking About It: Virginia Backaitis
Massive new vertical farm will grow 2 million pounds of fresh produce each year: Chris Smith
Google just plugged itself straight into Japan with an undersea fiber-optic cable: Klint Finley


Here's Mud in Your FBI: Hopenchange
Amexit? Brexit by force, anyway: Sondrakistan
Where’s The Morality In Hillary’s Moral Universe?: John Kass

Image: Why Hillary Clinton Must Go to Jail
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "At one level, it seems like the people in charge are rubbing our noses in the fact they are beyond the reach of the public. They are no longer going to pretend to be citizens of a republic, beholden to the voters. They are above the law and the proof of that is one of their own has committed hundreds of crimes and will not be required to step aside, much less be prosecuted. The law is for the Dirt People and it will be enforced by the Cloud People, but, the Cloud People will do as they please.

There’s another way to look at it. That is, the ruling class has lost control of the reins and they can no longer police themselves. Hillary Clinton has no business being president. It’s absurd even without the massive corruption and criminality. Hillary’s crowning achievement was marrying Bill Clinton 50 years ago. Even a deeply corrupt and incompetent ruling class should be able to filter out the likes of Hillary Clinton. The fact that they cannot bring themselves to flush her from the system when they have an iron clad criminal case against her is ominous." --The Z Man


commoncents said...

FBI Director James Comey testimony before Congress Live Stream

PACNW Righty said...

The ruling class doesn't bother me too much. What bothers me is the people that ALLOW the ruling class a pass. While both sides of the aisle are guilty, the democrats seem to have the market cornered. It truly is stunning to me how a group of people are so willing to throw away 240 years of a constitutional republic just to elect Clinton. We do have the ability to rid ourselves of these people. We just need the will to do so.

Andrew_M_Garland said...

High Noon starring Gary Cooper, now played by James Comey. A viscious criminal gang is coming to town, and Comey is the only one granted the official responsibility to stop it. Cooper went out to face them alone, and eventually received help from the town. Comey didn't leave town, but he surrendered, hands up, showing that he was unarmed.

High Noon was dramatic just because Cooper was a larger than life hero ready to die rather than lose his personal honor. Well, he was larger than life because we can't expect that from life. A person with some bit of honor is already a rarity in Washington. If you don't have the crowd with you from the start in Washington, then your opponents will shoot you and forget your name.

Comey made a remarkable presentation which will end his public career. Hillary and the boys can't tolerate a man who would do anything against them. Comey spoke truth to power.

It is now up to the town to appear on the street and overwhelm the gang. Maybe Trump will be the focus of that action. Ultimately, if the town (voters) turns out, then this ends well. If the town shrugs, then the gang wins. The outcome is not changed by whether Comey had brought an indictment. If the town won't do the right thing, then Comey was correct to surrender rather than die like a dog.