Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary Shrieks at Police---Stop Killing Black People; Massacre in Baton Rouge

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Hillary Shrieks at Police, Tells Them to Stop Killing Black People: Jim Hoft
Massacre of Cops in Baton Rouge: Matthew Vadum
Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: A myth born from a lie: Lee Cary

When Will We Learn?: Magdi Allam
End Islamic immigration, end Islamic terror.: Daniel Greenfield
How to Fight Terrorism: Stuart Schneiderman

Hillary's Imam: Robert Spencer
Clinton, Bush Implicated in Covering Up Saudi Terror in U.S.: Ryan Mauro
Trump's New Variation on Campaign Theme: "Make America Safe Again": Ace

Yup, She's Crooked: Fred Barnes
Encouraged by the Pence Pick: David Limbaugh
Marcus Luttrell says four words that leave Cleveland convention speechless: Allen West


The Financial Collapse of 2008 Was No Accident: Douglas V. Gibbs
Mobile Phones: The Z Man
The Dumbest Idea: Thomas Sowell

Scandal Central

State refutes 'secret document' showing Iran's path to a bomb: Pete Kasperowicz
White House asks Supreme Court to rehear immigration case: Anna Giaritelli
Are Feds Paying Security Firms to Hire Muslim Immigrants to Guard Critical Infrastructure?: Creeping


Less Than Complimentary Article On Smith & Wesson: Herschel Smith
Screeching Fiend In Burlap Armani Pantsuit Lays Egg On Stage: PCP
William Shatner Mocks Cowardly SJW on Twitter: The Ralph Retort


Where Did Unemployed France Terrorist Come Up With $142,000?: JWF
In Germany, Man Wounds at Least 20 People In Savage Axe Attack on Train: Ace
Germany: Afghan teenage refugee shouting 'Allahu Akbar' goes on bloody rampage hacking passengers: Mirror

Merkel Must Face Trial for War Crimes: Daniel Greenfield
Few in the West Are Serious About Islamic Terror: Dennis Prager
Gaza: Where summer camp counselors wear ski masks (video): Elder of Ziyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

‘Open Road’ Still Closed to Robotic Cars: Junko Yoshida
Sketch offers evidence Van Gogh cut off nearly all his ear: Mike Corder
Whatever Happened to Wordstar?: John C. Dvorak


#Problematic: Ghostbusters, a $144 Million Budget Movie, Opens to Anemic $46 Million: Ace
America’s Insurance Policy: MOTUS
Teflon Clinton: Donald Sensing

Image: #Problematic: Ghostbusters, a $144 Million Budget Movie, Opens to Anemic $46 Million
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Make no mistake, Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization, and they are responsible for more killings in the last year than the KKK in the last fifty years. Let me repeat that: Black Lives Matter is responsible for more killings in the last year than the KKK in the last fifty. You would think that the current administration would disavow them, at least say that they “acted stupidly”, but no… President Obama was meeting with that evil little ... homonculus Deray McKesson just days after a Black Lives Matter racist killed five cops in Dallas. Obama stood in front of grieving families and called their dead fathers and sons and brothers racists, not heroic civil servants protecting the First Amendment rights of these thugs and criminals, not to mention the racist animal that shot them." --Taxi Hack

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