Friday, July 15, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Nice is All You Need to Know; Terror suspect named as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel

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Nice is All You Need to Know: Breath of the Beast
Nice attack: Terror suspect named as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel: Harley Tamplin
Nice terrorist stopped by police hours before attack: DailyMail

Nice: At least 84 dead including 10 children in ‘undeniable terrorist attack’: Harry Readhead
Guns and grenades found inside truck that ran over crowd in #Nice, France: Twitchy
Krauthammer: We Either Fight ISIS over There or ‘We Will Fight Them Here’: NRO


Donald Trump postpones VP announcement after France attack: Anna Giaritelli
Rasmussen National Poll: Donald Trump 44%, Hillary Clinton 37%: Treehouse
Black Panthers + GOP Convention = Trouble: Brendan Kirby

Nuke Deal ‘Cratered’ US Credibility as Iran ‘Blatantly Steps Up Aggression’: John Hayward
ISIS Has Up To 42 Million Supporters in the Arab World: Ryan Mauro
Despite Marketing Efforts, Clinton And Trump Aren’t Changing: Jonah Goldberg

Cleveland Police have Issued “Stand Down” Order at RNC: Mike Cernovich
America’s Legal Order Begins to Fray: Heather Mac Donald
Obama's Dallas Police Memorial Speech Was an Obamanation: Debra Heine

Hillary To Dead Cops—You Deserved It: Ann Coulter
Hillary Clinton Trustworthiness At Husband's Lewinsky-era Levels: Peter Schweizer
Clinton v. Trump: Scott Rasmussen

Scandal Central

We must end payments that reward and encourage terrorism: Sen. Dan Coats
FBI confirms: Hillary probe agents required to sign extraordinary NDAs: Ed Morrissey
Minnesota: Woman’s chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim invasion, rape threats: Creeping


Barack Hussein Obama Officially Sued – It’s Happening: RWN
The Policeman's Wife: Jack Dunphy
ESPN Turns ESPY Awards (Whatever They Are) Into Black Lives Matter Rally: Ace

How Samuel Huntington Predicted Our Political Moment: Jason Willick
Beefy Elderly Female Frankenstein Attempts Mockery of Human Levity: Ace
New jihadi mag encourages Muslims to mow Americans down with trucks: Creeping (2010)


The Islamist Infiltration of Europe: Immanuel Al-Manteeqi
Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens: Soeren Kern
Articles - First Anniversary of Iran Nuclear Deal Marred by Massive Cheating: Fred Fleitz

Another Muslim group demands taxpayer dollars to build a mosque — this time in Ontario: Andrew Lawton
The Jackboot Comes Down Hard on Germany: GoV
Is this campaign to ban dogs in public because they’re ‘impure’ real?:

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tesla asked to brief Senate committee on fatal car crash: John Ribeiro
Donald Trump gets in on 'Pokemon Go' craze, because of course he does: Ashe Schow
How Crew turned one upvote into thousands of visitors: Ali Mese


America’s Abuela: 10 Times Hillary Clinton Terrified a Child (Photos): Andrew Stiles
I Am Altering the Deal: MOTUS
Today in History: Hitler bans all political parties except his own (1933): John Robson

Image: Gun and truck terror attack leaves at least 75 dead in Nice
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "The latest Rasmussen poll shows Trump over Clinton 44/37, and with Independent voters: Trump leads Clinton 43/30...

...During the same two months months Hillary Clinton has outspent Donald Trump 300:1 on advertising. The Clinton’s intense campaign spending is not increasing her support among voters...

...Hillary Clinton has four foundational issues that advertising spending cannot overcome: Authenticity, Honesty, Likeability and Competence." --Sundance

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