Saturday, July 23, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Now that she's deleted most of it, Hillary wants us to review her record

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Now that she's deleted most of it, Hillary wants us to review her record: Doug Powers
Internal DNC emails reveal conspiracy to build anti-Bernie ‘narrative’: Ryan Girdusky
DNC Panics --- Exposed by Wikileaks for Complete Corruption: Victor Smith

Tim Kaine’s radical beliefs and anti-American ties: Renee Nal
Tim Kaine: The Jokes Just Write Themselves: Clown Parade
Felons for Hillary Dealt Blow by Virginia Supreme Court: Donn Marten

Trump Is Right about Crime: Heather Mac Donald
Donald Trump’s Speech: A Win For The Regular People: Jeff Dunetz
Wikileaks Proves Primary Was Rigged: DNC Undermined Democracy: Michael Sainato

Clinton-Kaine: A Not-So Surprising Ticket: Sabato's Crystal Ball
Is America Ready for a Disruptive President?: Michael Barone
Gun Restrictions Punish Only the Rational and the Responsible: Ari Armstrong (2013)

Scandal Central

Three Clinton aides received top secret emails: Evelyn Rupert
Leaks Show Hillary PAC Paid For Online Troll Supporters: WZ
Obama Admin Kept Lawmakers in Dark About Secret Iran Side Deals: Adam Kredo

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Done saving the planet, Leo?: DailyMail


The Democrat Media Complex: Politically Short
CNN's mission failed: Patriot Retort
CNN Trashes Its Own Donald Trump Poll: Patrick Howley

WikiLeaks founder says next leak will virtually guarantee an indictment of Hillary: SIC
Stoned in Cleveland, Part II: Matt Labash
Want to be a billionaire? Stephen Ross shares secrets with his players: Adam H. Beasley


Tommy Robinson: “Islam will not reform” — so here’s what the West must do now: Ezra Levant
Lone Munich shooter had 'no link' to IS or refugees: German police: Middle East Eye
Turkey's Erdogan signs first decree under state of emergency: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Did Munich killer lure children to their deaths on Facebook?: DailyMail
Pocket Drone by Odyssey Toys review:: Joshua Goldman
Remarkable 24-Seat Driverless Cabs Are Arriving in Singapore: Futurism


The Shady Bunch: Mr. Pinko
Something I Noticed At The RNC: Taxi Hack
Bon Appétit!: MOTUS

Image: Done saving the planet, Leo?
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "The basic argument for restricting the manufacture, purchase, and possession of firearms runs as follows: Because some gun owners use their guns to commit crimes or suicide, or they use their guns irresponsibly, the rights of all gun manufacturers, sellers, and owners must be restricted. Thus, the case for restricting guns rests on collective guilt...

...Ironically, those who advocate outlawing guns claim to be concerned with public safety, but they ignore the single greatest threat to the citizenry: a rights-violating government. A government that can ban (or substantially restrict) guns is a government that, by the same logic, can censor “dangerous” speech, curtail life-promoting energy production, allow warrantless searches, and so forth." --Ari Armstrong

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