Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gee, I can't wait for Obamacare and Socialized Medicine

Check out some of the recent headlines from the U.K. and its "National Health Service" (NHS). This is the type of system that Obama and the Statists intend to implement. Feel better yet?

NHS 'failings' over elderly falls: 3/25/2009 [BBC]
Learning disabled 'failed by NHS': 3/24/2009 [BBC]
Cancer survivor confronts the health secretary on 62-day wait: 3/21/2009 [The Scotsman]

Culture of targets prevents nurses from tending to patients: Patients Association, 3/21/2009 [Telegraph UK]
Children being failed by health system, says head of watchdog: Sarah Boseley, 3/21/2009 [Guardian Unlimited]
Our cancer shame: Survival rates still lag behind EU despite spending billions: 3/20/2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]

Failing hospital 'caused deaths': 3/17/2009 [BBC]
Health gap drive 'wasted money': 3/14/2009 [BBC]
Longer GP opening hours branded wasteful 'PR exercise' by doctors: 3/13/2009 [The Scotsman]

"Political meddling" threatens general practice, warns GP leader: 3/13/2009 [Management in Practice (UK)]
Children at risk through lack of training for doctors and nurses, report warns: 3/13/2009 [Telegraph UK]
Chocolate should be taxed to control obesity epidemic, doctors are told: 3/13/2009 [Telegraph UK]

1,000 wait for a dentist after just one NHS practice opens: 3/10/2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Study proves the folly of NHS Alzheimer's drug ban: 3/7/2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
NHS charges to rise in England: 3/5/2009 [BBC]

Disabled children wait up to two years for wheelchairs: 3/4/2009 [Guardian Unlimited]
NHS under fire over waiting times: 2/25/2009 [The Scotsman]
Specialist nurses 'vastly overworked': 2/20/2009 [Harwich & Manningtree Standard]

Hundreds of operations cancelled at Lothian hospitals: 2/19/2009 [The Scotsman]
Stop asking for antibiotics to cure coughs and colds, Government tells patients: 2/17/2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Stroke services are 'UK's worst' : 2/17/2009 [BBC]

Hospitals curb caesarean births: 2/15/2009 [The Times]
Only five out of 51 hospital trusts pass hygiene test, say inspectors: 11/24/2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
Top doctors slam NHS drug rationing: 8/24/2008 [The Times]

Heart patients dying due to poor hospital care, says report: Sarah Boseley, June 8/2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
NHS dentistry loses almost a million patients after new dentists' contract: David Rose, 6/6/2008 [The Times]
Private healthcare managers could be sent to turn round failing NHS hospitals: 6/4/2008 [The Times]

Cancer patients ‘betrayed’ by NHS: Sarah-Kate Templeton, 6/1/2008 [The Times]
NHS scandal: dying cancer victim was forced to pay: Sarah-Kate Templeton, June 1/2008 [The Times]
Pensioner, 76, forced to pull out own teeth after 12 NHS dentists refuse to treat her: 3/26/2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]

Dental patients face care lottery: 3/26/2008 [Metro(UK)]
Lung patients 'condemned to death as NHS withdraws their too expensive drugs': 3/24/2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]
Women in labour turned away by maternity units: 3/21/2008 [Guardian Unlimited]

Health inequality has got worse under Labour, says government report: 3/13/2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
Angry GPs reluctantly accept plan for weekend and evening surgeries: John Carvel, 3/7/2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
NHS chiefs tell grandmother, 61, she's 'too old' for £5,000 life-saving heart surgery: 2/28/2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]

Patient 'removed' from waiting list to meet target: 1/31/2008 [The Scotsman]
NHS patients told to treat themselves: James Kirkup, 1/4/2008 [Telegraph UK]
NHS is 'failing patients' despite record funding: 10/4/2007 [Telegraph UK]

NHS rationing rife, say doctors: 9/24/2007 [BBC]
One in eight patients waiting over a year for treatment, admits minister: 6/8/2007 [Guardian Unlimited]
Audit Office asked to investigate record £500m NHS underspend: John Carvel, 5/30/2007 [Guardian Unlimited]

The drugs the NHS won't give you: 5/11/2007 [Telegraph UK]
UK lagging behind on cancer drug access, study finds: 5/10/2007 [Guardian Unlimited]
One in six trusts is still putting patients on mixed-sex wards: Daniel Martin, 5/10/2007 [Daily Mail(UK)]

Specialist stroke care 'lottery': 5/9/2007 [BBC News]
Smokers and the obese banned from UK hospitals: 5/2/2007 [Healthcare News]
Cancer patients told life-prolonging treatment is too expensive for NHS: Lyndsay Moss, 2/13/2007 [The Scotsman]

UK health service "harms 10 percent of patients": 7/7/2006 [Reuters]
5,000 elderly 'killed each year' by lack of care beds: 6/26/2006 [Telegraph UK]
Pay for nurses and surgeons doubles NHS overspend: 4/23/2006 [Telegraph UK]

The money addicts: it's your cash they are gambling with: 4/23/2006 [Telegraph UK]
NHS chiefs get luxury car deals: 4/9/2006 [The Times]
Secret NHS plan to ration patient care: 4/7/2006 [The Times]

British Healthcare To Be Rationed: 4/7/2006 [UPI]
British body rejects EPO drugs for cancer patients: 3/17/2006 [Reuters]
National Health Service - Grappling with Deficits: 3/9/2006 []

Hundreds wait to register as another dentist quits the NHS: 9/23/2005 [The Herald (Scotland)]
Life-saving cancer drugs 'kept from NHS patients by red tape': 9/20/2005 [The Times]
NHS slides into the red despite record increases in health care spending: 9/20/2005 [Telegraph UK]

Alzheimer's sufferers hit by further delay in NHS approval for vital drugs: 9/18/2005 [Telegraph UK]
We all pay a price for our 'free' NHS: John Smith, 8/19/2005 [The Scotsman]
2,000 British doctors out of work: 8/14/2005 [The Washington Times]

UK health 'unsustainable': 8/14/2005 [Finance24]
NHS faces rising bill for negligence claims: 8/8/2005 [Financial Times]
British boy to go to India for operation: 8/5/2005 [United Press International]

NHS failed to stop doctor raping scores of women: 7/31/2005 [The Times]
Top crimewriter funds drugs for cancer victim refused by NHS: 7/8/2005 [Telegraph UK]
Report says NHS is mired in huge debts: David Simms, 6/25/2005 [ABC Money (UK)]

U.K. set to restrict smoking: 6/21/2005 [The Associated Press]
NHS ‘fund bias’ against men cost 2,500 lives a year: 6/19/2005 [The Times]
Doubts on funding NHS 'monuments': Nicholas Timmins, 6/10/2005 [Financial Times]

17 million reasons why we must improve hospital meals: 6/7/2005 [Cambridge Evening News]
Figures show more patients waiting for operations: 6/3/2005 [Guardian UK]
Scarcity of NHS dental treatment is revealed: Celia Hall, 5/19/2005 []

Why NHS Opposes 'Treatment by Demand' for the Dying: 5/18/2005 [Scotsman]
800 queue for NHS dentists: 5/5/2005 []
Hundreds more heroin addicts to be given a fix on the NHS: Nic Fleming, 4/25/2005 []

British health service facing nurse exodus: 4/25/2005 [United Press International]
About 400 patients a year in Scotland succumb to MRSA: 4/25/2005 [Scotsman]
NHS debts soar to over £1bn: Karyn Miller, 4/24/2005 []

British taxpayers foot $26.5 million bill for abortion tourists: 4/18/2005 [Catholic World News]
U.K. Liberal Democrats Would Raise Taxes to Pay for Health Care: Reed Landberg, 4/14/2005 [Bloomberg]
Number of NHS Bureaucrats 'Rising Faster Than Health Staff': 3/22/2005 [Scotsman]

'£500m hole' in hospital budgets: 3/21/2005 []
1,000 Scots desert NHS every week: 3/5/2005 [Scotsman]
British NHS facing financial crisis: 3/3/2005 [Washington Times]

NHS drugs regulator to withdraw approval of Alzheimer's treatment: Nicholas Timmins, 3/2/2005 []
NHS waiting list rises: 2/11/2005 [Guardian UK]
Tumour patients hit by NHS shortages: 2/6/2005 [Guardian UK]

NHS financial crises set to outlast winter: 2/4/2005 [Yorkshire Post]
NHS 24 'priority' callers wait four hours for advice: 1/14/2005 [Evening Times (UK)]
'No strategy' on NHS waiting time: 1/14/2005 [BBC]

Output figures show NHS decline: John Carvel, 10/19/2004 [Guardian UK]
Heart patients die on waiting lists: 10/18/2004 [Manchester Online]
£25bn overspend feared for NHS computer network: 10/12/2004 []

Gaps in care cost £7bn, says charity: 10/4/2004 [Guardian UK]
NHS excluding poor people, UK: 9/15/2004 [Medical News Today]
Smokers 'should not get NHS care': 9/6/2004 [BBC News]

Waiting list row blights Brighton: 9/4/2004 [Guardian UK]
Patients are denied the last rites under data protection law: 7/25/2004 []
Shortage of dentists to double by 2011: 7/24/2004 [Guardian UK]

Britain's stiff upper lip gives way to a snarl: Sarah Lyall, 7/18/2004 [The New York Times]
Hospital Overcrowding A Cause of Superbug Infections: John von Radowitz, 7/1/2004 []
Hospital Crisis: Fallen Angels: Lindsay Mcgarvie, 5/23/2004 [Glasgow Sunday Mail]

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